Out of hours General Practitioner (GP) work is an extremely important aspect of medical care in the UK. When surgeries are closed there are many patients requiring the services of a medical professional. GPs can expect to deal with patients at either a Primary Care Centre or by trying to resolve the patient’s problems over the telephone.
As a medical professional seeking a job in today's marketplace, out of hours GP work can offer a GP the opportunity to advance their career in a flexible way that is more suited to their personal circumstances.
Out of hours GP work offers many benefits which include:

•There is always a high demand for GPs working out of hours shifts therefore GPs are able to be extremely flexibility in terms of the days and times they work. This flexibility can provide the freedom for GPs to study further or cater to their families needs better.

•Working as an out of hours GP tends to be short term as well as working non standard surgery hours. As a result GPs can expect on average to double or triple what they would be earning as a GP working a standard day.

•There is a greater exposure to different types of management styles and other medical professions. This is a great way to build up a solid network which may come in useful when trying to secure another out of hours GP job or a permanent job.

•Working as an out of hours GP can supplement a permanent salary. GPs are able to work standard surgery hours and also as an out of hours.

•Being a out of hours GP is one of the best paid contract jobs in the UK.

•Working in different surgeries, care centres or hospitals can expose a GP to many different working practices, different products and technologies. This exposure can be extremely beneficial for future career advancements.

•NHS and private sector cut backs have meant less GPs are employed on a permanent bases therefore they have been back filling the positions with contract and out of hours GPs. As a result the number of jobs being advertised across the UK has dramatically increased.

Finally when entering the Out of hours GP jobs market there are a few consideration that need to be taken into account such as Tax, National Insurance, holiday entitlements, pension payments and the experience required. A GP needs to ensure they have considered all these aspects and before they can start enjoying the benefits of being an out of hours GP.

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