Do you know someone who seems to always have a smile on their face and life just seem to be going their way? They smile to life, and life smiles back. Why no matter how horrid their day is going they’ll live by the motto that “tomorrow will be a better day”? It is positive thinking which helps them get through this. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Your body, your achievements, the pleasures you give and receive all depends on the quality and nature of your thoughts. Your thoughts lead your behaviors. Which results into positive or negative events in your life.

A lot can be gained from remaining a optimistic mind. People tending to thinking positively usually have less pressure.
They tend to have more faith on their own. The horrid things happening to them will only be treated as part of history. People with these qualities seem easier to get their fortune. They fulfill their ideals by adopting a optimistic perspective.

As is known to all , people who are positive live longer, healthier and happier. People who are good at staying positive are less prone to poor health and infectious diseases. Studies have shown that optimistic people with cancer are more likely to heal faster versus someone who is pessimistic. Same goes for weight loss as well. When people keep positive, they tend to receive a better result.

People who are positive have a great emotional health state. The result of studying clinically depressed patients turns out to be that a positive perspective is more helpful than medicine. Optimism can also help you be more persistence, helping you achieve your goals.

People who are optimistic believe that their the reason for positive events happening in their life. They also believe that the more happiness comes , the less sorrow left. A pessimistic thinks a little differently. In their mind, they are the creators of the miseries. They also believe that bad things never show alone. They see good fortune as something impossible.

Happy people stand in the same direction of their goals.Staying positive can help you align your thoughts to what you want, helping you manifest your desires. Staying positive can improve your outcomes, events, and overall happiness in your life. Begin changing your perspective. Positive thinking really does have an effect on your life. When you feel happy , the sky of your life may turn to be sunny, and it functions the same when you feel not happy.

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Felicia Fillmore learned how to make the Law of Attraction work for her. She used to live a life of negativity and depression. She nows spends her time reading a book at the beach, taking yoga classes, food blogging, and taking design classes at the Academy of the Arts University. She lives a happy, carefree life in San Francisco with her boyfriend and corgi puppy.