Working a full-time job is not for everyone. There are many people who don’t wish to commit themselves to a 9-5 working schedule. There is an alternative to this as franchise consultants would tell you. You can manage a part-time franchise and gain the benefits of working on a flexible schedule.

Here are some advantages of a franchise, more specifically, in starting a part-time franchise.

1. Enjoy Flexibility

There are many people who dread waking up early in the morning to go to work and sit on a desk from 9am to 5pm. Many franchise opportunities like part-time franchises frees you of this horror so you can go on a break during the day and go for a workout to the gym, or maybe hang out with your friends at the pub.

This is a big factor that contributes to its popularity. Part-time franchisee duties make it possible to work flexible hours. Apart from working hours, there is also the flexibility in the franchise being managed remotely. This gives home based franchises the freedom to work from their home and most importantly, according to their own work schedule.

2. You Can Go About Your Other Commitments

Another major advantage of a part-time franchise is that the flexible timetable allows you to carry out your regular activities with your job. In fact, there are endless opportunities for part-time franchisees. You can make a trip to your kid’s school or visit your parents, while running your business successfully. Or, you could expand your knowledge and skills by enrolling yourself in a university for a part-time course. If you want, you can give back to the community and regularly volunteer your time at a local charity. Then again, you could also make the most and enjoy your free time by relaxing and improving your mental health.

3. You save Your Money on Childcare

Those who are juggling the responsibilities of being a working parent, they have to arrange for their child’s day-care while they leave for work and are available between the hours of 9am to 5pm. Starting a part-time franchise gives parents the wonderful option to spend more time with their kids and look after them, at the same time run their part time business. This also benefits the parents in more ways as now they do not have to spend hundreds of pounds on childcare. It’s a win-win situation for them.

4. The Option to Work from Home

Since majority of part-time franchises can be operated from home, it saves the franchisees from going through the hassle, not to mention the expense of traveling back and forth. Research shows that most people spend about an hour commuting to and from their work each day. It has been seen that those who run home based franchises are able to bring more productivity in their work as compared to those who have to commute to and from work.

Besides the fact that this saves on the cost of travelling, it also benefits the environment. The fumes emitted from the various means of transportation have caused a drastic increase in the CO2 released into the environment. This way, you also play a major role in reducing the harmful fumes being emitted into the atmosphere.

5. There is Less Stress Involved

With all the benefits mentioned above, it all boils down to one important question ‘How stressful can part-time franchises be in comparison to a traditional full-time job?’ Working longer hours can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Now that you do not have to work long hours, you can focus on taking it slow and improving your health and overall wellbeing. It has been seen that those people who work for longer hours siting at their desk in front of their computers have higher chances of developing heart illnesses. Home based franchises allow the franchisees to utilize their time more effectively along with maintaining a proper work-life balance.

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