Spinal adjustments, or spinal manipulation, are one of the methods used in chiropractic care to relieve pain and other physical discomforts. Chiropractors believe that spinal misalignment compresses the nerves that cause irritation. When the nerves become irritated, pain sensation is increased. Therefore, in order to free your body from pain and discomfort, nerves must be released from being compressed to prevent irritation.

Licensed and skilled chiropractors are the only ones allowed to perform spinal adjustments. Chiropractors have studied and undergone trainings to be able to provide safe and effective chiropractic treatments. Seminars are provided regarding innovation in chiropractic method of treatment without putting the principles and beliefs of chiropractic care at risk.

Chiropractic is an alternative form of healthcare that uses drugless and non-surgical procedures in treating various physical discomforts and body ailments. It enhances the function of each system in the body. Chiropractors believe that the body has the ability to heal on its own. However, for the body to do this, each body part must be functioning perfectly. For instance, bleeding from a wound or cut can be stopped through blood clotting and scar formation. If the body is unable to do form clot and scar, continuous bleeding occurs, which may result to death. This is how powerful our body is.

Chiropractors mainly to reestablish the normal anatomical structure and position as well as the curvature of the vertebrae of the spinal column use spinal adjustments. Spinal misalignment may be due to poor posture, accident, sudden blow to the spinal column, disease, work-related, and improper heavy lifting practices. Chiropractors diagnose the causes of the deformity through obtaining the medical history of the patient and family members, a thorough physical examination through palpating each vertebra, and through laboratory tests such as X-Ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Once the chiropractor confirms a diagnosis, a special chiropractic program for a specific patient is created. Diagnosis is the basis of all chiropractic treatments needed by the patient. Each chiropractic program is specially designed to a particular patient. So, do not be alarmed if your program is different from other patients. Again, the treatments provided for the patient is based on the needs and causes of spinal deformity.

Other chiropractic treatments are combined with spinal manipulation to provide the patient with the best program. These treatments may include exercise program, teachings on nutrition and diet, massage therapy, proper stretching and lifting techniques, electrotherapy, dry needling therapy, use of traction, and the use of hot and cold compress. These treatments are considered safe and effective in relieving pain and preventing the reappearance of pain.

Spinal adjustments, together with other treatments mentioned earlier, are necessary to realign the spinal column. It does not only realign the vertebrae, but it also relaxes the muscles supporting the spinal column. Muscle stiffness pulls the spinal column causing the misalignment. For this reason, the muscles must be relaxed and must be freed from any stiffness. Chiropractic approaches aim to promote health, restore physical and physiological functioning, and maintain a healthy body. For more visit www.thedoctorsparks.com

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