When you think that jumping up and down a mini-trampoline is only for kids, think again. Technically known as rebounding, this exercise regimen is not only fun, it's a serious workout that gives tremendous health benefits to the body. Because there is no set number of jumps that you need to follow, you can rebound as much as you want. Chances are, you wouldn't want to stop because it's as fun as can be. Plus, the feeling of weightlessness at the top of each bounce is just incredible. And you don't have to worry about injuring yourself (unless you jump out of the circumference of the trampoline and land smack on the floor) because each of the joints in the body are affected equally when you rebound. This is definitely a fun way to exercise.

So if you want to experience the health benefits of rebounding, you can start with healthy bouncing for five minutes and you can gradually increase your time as soon as your stamina and fitness levels improve. Healthy bouncing requires your feet to be in contact with the mat at all times. Make sure you do this exercise barefoot so you don't slip off the trampoline.

One of the benefits of rebounding is in the prevention of degenerative diseases like arthritis and cancer. This is because vigorous exercises like rebounding stimulate lymph system movement. When the lymph fluid moves through the body, it bathes every cell the necessary nutrients it needs to function while carrying the waste products away from it. Since the main lymphatic vessels run up the legs, arms and torso, a 15-minute rebounding exercise is enough to get it moving so it can do its job. Without the proper exercise, the lymph won't be able to carry nutrients to the cells and clean it of its waste. This condition leads to the development of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Another important benefit of rebounding lies in its ability to detoxify and strengthen the immune system. Rebounding stimulates the function of the organs in the body as well as the T-lymphocytes and macrophages that protect it from disease. When you rebound, you rouse these immune system cells to fight bacteria, viruses and other oxidative stresses that weaken the body and make it vulnerable to disease.

Rebounding is also a great workout for those seeking to lose weight. As an aerobic workout, it helps reduce body fat by stimulating metabolism. When excess pounds are trimmed off, cholesterol and triglyceride levels are also lowered. This normalizes blood pressure and helps improve the conditions of those with diabetes or cardiac problems. With a regular rebounding exercise, breathing capacity is improved. This results in stronger lung function. It also greatly benefits the digestive system, making digestion and elimination more efficient. Daily rebounding also tones muscles and improves body coordination. Women, in particular, find that their symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are relieved with a daily rebounding routine. Pain and discomfort associated with having a period are also relieved.

The benefits of rebounding are not only limited to the physical. It also works to enhance mental performance and relieve stress. Jumping up and down the trampoline has a meditative effect. It enhances relaxation and stabilizes the nervous system. A person who rebounds regularly is more resistant to the stresses and strains brought about by modern living. It gives one a positive outlook and thus prevents depression.

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