Why would we undertake this journey of discovering our past lives? What good could possibly come from digging up old memories and hashing through events of the past?

I frequently am asked those very questions. Those making the inquiries usually state that they are so overwhelmed with the issues of this life, why would they want to add more to deal with.
Past Life regression gives us gifts that further the spirit’s quest for consciousness, existence, self-discovery, and enlightenment. It also yields rewards that make life richer and happier in the short term, in this particular incarnation.

For instance, it may lead us to richer, more fulfilling relationships. We gain information and wisdom about our relationships with family, friends, and mates when viewing past lives. Understanding the lives we may have shared with these people can give us insight into our purpose together, what lessons we can learn with them, and how we may support them. It can even explain “recognizing” people we have not met before, and having an immediate positive or negative response to them.
We have the opportunity to gain wisdom about choices we have made. Past life and between lives regression yields a wealth of information about birth and death, and why we chose the gender, body, and situations we do.

The ability to view our patterns of behavior over lifetimes, not just decades, gives us greater clarity about our character and a more honest, objective assessment of ourselves. By regressing to past lives, it helps us to see what we want to change, and what we want to nurture in ourselves, with our goal of personal growth.

Viewing past lives can help us gain understanding of both physical and emotional diseases, and how to heal them. Phobias, unexplained pains and syndromes, chronic pain and illness, birthmarks, and other health-related phenomenon frequently have their roots in other lifetimes.
Seeing the roots of challenges, blocks, and fears, in past lives can help us work through them in this lifetime. Understanding that we are presently working with “baggage” inherited from a past life, reminds us that we want to deal with these present issues and not just pass them on to our own future lives.

While cleaning up any issues carried over from other lifetimes, we can also focus on building strengths for the future. We can explore our spirit purpose. This is the overriding intention for which the spirit was created by the nature of its energy and direction. Further, we can discover and embrace our life purpose.

This is the primary mission our soul wants to accomplish in any given lifetime. Memories of past lives may reveal why we have a natural penchant for music or the arts, or for science, or healing. They may yield clues to our purpose in this life, as well as guidance for occupations, hobbies, and sports.

Through the process of past life regression we exercise unique skills that allow us to work with the subconscious, where the wisdom of many lifetimes and the power to realize intentions resides. We not only gain greater understanding of our own spirit’s journey but also expand how we see the universe. We acquire a broader and often awe-inspiring perspective, and a greater sense of our position in the larger scheme of life.

This in turn gives us even more power to change and grow. As we gain greater access to our past lives, we discover the power to alter not just our present, but our future, and even our past!
Eventually we begin to realize, through first-hand experience, the interconnectedness and the divine in all life.

These concepts, and the specific concepts and strategies leading to the above experiences are covered in detail in my trainings, home-study course, and books on past life regression.

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