At this point you may already have a basic understanding of what meditation is all about and how to get started. Now we want to discuss in a little further detail some of the benefits of meditation. There are a lot. The benefits of meditation are what make all the time and effort truly payoff. For evidence of these benefits, simply look towards those who have been practicing meditation for some time. They are living proof to the benefits of meditation. This article written by will focus on some of the benefits of meditation that we listed in an earlier article, “Learning to Meditate”. Through meditation, we become aware of our own intellect.

This is not as arrogant as it may sound. What this means is that we become more objective about our outlook of the world and the people in it. As we become more aware of ourselves, we learn to identity such negative emotions for what they really are – negative. Meditation teaches us to look at the world free of the usual unhealthy biases we tend to prejudge with. Instead, we view our reality in an objective manner that is free of such emotions as jealousy and hatred. Another of the benefits of meditation is the ability to focus on the here and now. One of the stresses of our lives is our incessant need to worry about the past and the future. The thing is, is that we can’t change the past, and the future hasn’t happened yet. We only have a measure of control of the present. Meditation allows us to better understand this and negates the pressures and stress that are normally associated with being overly concerned about matters that are beyond our scope.

One of the biggest benefits of meditation is that we gain more clarity on life purpose. Learning to accept the joys of life as they are is another one of the benefits of meditation. We live in a society that is almost never satisfied. We always hunger for more. No matter what we attain in life, it is never enough. Meditation, however, teaches us to be content with whatever the world presents us. We learn satisfaction in what we have and not dissatisfaction in what we don’t. The result is a much more peaceful existence. As we move through life, how often do we make a big deal out of something that is trivial? Does it really matter what color your shoes are?

Nevertheless, we can find ourselves angry and volatile because of such things. Meditation allows us to understand what is really significant in life and what’s not. Just as important, meditation gives us the ability to deal with matters, insignificant or otherwise, in an appropriate and healthy manner. One of the final benefits of meditation that we will discuss is higher self-esteem. Getting to know who you are, becoming better attuned with yourself is what meditation is all about. Once you begin to understand your very nature – which is no different than anyone else at the core – then you begin to understand your own incredible value and worth. Our shortcomings and even failures are transitory in nature and don’t describe or define who we are as people. Meditation allows us to understand this, and to rise above many of the factors that we normally use to incorrectly determine our character.

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My name is Elaine and I'm a self proclaimed "do it yourself addict". I am the mother of the best 11 year old boy ever and my husband's not too shabby either