Live streaming online creates the same kind of excitement and offers a unique bonus: a sense of intimacy. It makes accessible the inaccessible. Spectators now have the opportunity to establish a personal connection with people or entities deemed inaccessible. Actors, writers, musicians, business leaders and other influencers are now available to the general public. Without a filter or a script: brands can now communicate and establish a personal link with their prospects.

For brands, live streaming content is a tool to reach their community like never before. Agencies and advertisers have always dreamed of being able to interact and establish a personal relationship with their customers. Video streaming services Australia offer businesses the opportunity to cultivate this relationship with consumers. They allow consumers to go behind the scenes of the company. The tool offers the possibility to the advertiser to communicate around different elements, here is a non-exhaustive list:

-broadcast the CEO's speech live from a conference
-broadcast interviews of satisfied customers to get live -streaming recommendations
-broadcast interviews of employees in their environment to spread the company's culture and DNA
-broadcast live events of the company
-tease and distribute exclusively the presentation of a new product or service
-show behind the scenes of the production of a product
-share tips deemed useful by your target audience
-communicate informally about the company's history, but also about the collaborators who accompany this story
-Offer fun content and life moments of the company.

1. A large audience

Video streaming services make it possible to communicate the same content to a large audience. On YouTube with good prior communication visitors can count in the thousands, even tens of thousands. You can, however, choose either a private or public streaming platform.

2. Attention:

The expected number of participants and the characteristics of the video determine the necessary bandwidth).

3. An affordable solution

Twenty years ago, a live broadcast required cameramen, a director, a video controller, a satellite link ... Today remote-controlled cameras, the lower cost of video equipment, the simplicity of broadcasting solutions, make it possible to a live broadcast to 2 or 3 people. Live broadcasting has become democratized.

4. A reduction in travel expenses

The cost, the risks and the pollution generated by the presenters 'and participants' travel can be eliminated by organizing live video streaming and thus allowing Remote Events to be viewed sitting comfortably at home.

5. Increased Interactivity

When you organize meetings, some people are reluctant to speak, either because when they want to say something they cannot, or because they are impressed. The anonymity that allows internet facilitates participation. We notice that the presentations diffused on the internet get more interactions.

6.Create commitment

Some mistakenly believe that the dissemination of events may diminish public participation. In fact, live streaming is a way to allow people who can not move to attend or to make the hesitant for the next meeting. The webcast is a tool of motivation and promoting your brand effectively.

7. A content strategy

Organizing live broadcasts for internal or external communication can be part of your organization's content creation strategy. Once broadcast lives, the videos can be archived.

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