Today, in our fast-paced global economies, learning a second or third language puts us that much ahead of the competition. In addition to coming in handy when traveling and allowing you to learn new cultures easily, grasping new languages opens up an array of opportunities from studying to advancing your career trajectory.

 Cognitive benefits - There are several cognitive benefits associated with learning languages, from enhancing your problem-solving ability and critical-thinking skills to increasing your multitasking capabilities and becoming a better listener. Plus, as your cognitive abilities grow, you will find it much easier learning a new language the second time around as well as improving your performance in other academic areas. This is because learning languages increases memory and enhances brainpower.

 Enhances career prospects – In this digital age when startups have become the order of the day and are emerging in new markets the world over, employers consider multilingual people as assets whether it's communicating with foreign manufacturers overseas or speaking with customers in a different demographic.

 Boosts self-confidence - When learning languages, conversations with both fluent and native speakers are vital to optimize your learning. The more people you converse with, the more your confidence will grow. So in addition to making new friends, you will also expand your life experiences exponentially.

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