If the hair on some parts of your body affects how you feel about yourself, your best bet would be to remove them. Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to get rid of hair on your body.

It is safe and used by millions of people who'd prefer to stop or slow down unwanted hair growth on their bodies. If you're contemplating going under the laser, it's prudent that you get to know some of the benefits of this treatment.

Therefore, by reading this guide, you'll learn the pros of laser hair removal and when it's right for you.

How permanent is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair treatment works by damaging or destroying the hair follicles in the treatment area. If the follicle is damaged, the hair may grow back but after an extended period.

However, if the follicle is completely destroyed, the hair may never regrow on the treatment area.  Because of this, most people turn to this treatment as a long-term solution for getting rid of unwanted hair.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal over other Options

·       You're Assured of Longer Lasting Results

As opposed to shaving, sugaring, or waxing, where you may expect your hairs to grow back in just a couple of days, this treatment guarantee you long-lasting results. Ideally, you may have to wait for months or even years to see hairs on the treated regions again.

You can always treat the target regions again to cut down on the hair that may regrow. Depending on your dermatologist's skill and the types of hair you're getting rid of, you may remove all of them completely.

·       It helps you Save Some Bucks

Most people' think' of laser hair removal is a costly option for getting rid of unwanted hair. However, some people fail to realize that it actually saves you some money along the road.

Here's why: It is estimated that an average woman spends about €23 000 in their lifetime on waxing. On average, a woman would also spend around €6500 on shaving in their lifetime.

If you compare this with laser treatment, which would cost around just €50 to €150 per session and you're guaranteed a long time or permanent fix, you'll notice huge disparities. Therefore, even though laser hair removal may ‘sound’ expensive, it's a more cost-effective option for the long term.

·       You'll forget about those Stubborn Ingrown Hairs.

Ingrown hairs can be irritating. But then, you're sometimes sure that you'll certainly get them after shaving or waxing.

Apart from being sore and itchy, the ingrown hairs may also be infected, and you'll need antibiotic medications to treat them. They may also affect your self-esteem, especially when they appear in your bikini area, underarms, or the chin.

If you opted for laser treatment for unwanted hair, you'd forget about the ingrown hairs for several years. This is because the beams of lights used in this procedure damage the follicle, and this stops new hair from growing, so the ingrown hairs may also remain nonexistent.

·       Far Less Discomfort like you'd Experience with Waxing or Threading.

During laser treatment, the equipment used feels like a quick but hot snap as it moves to another area. With this kind of treatment, you won't experience the same pain level that you'd experience when waxing or threading.

Besides, the lasers that are used today are advanced technologically; for example, the ones we primarily use in our clinics are designed with a built-in cooling system. This ensures comfort during the procedure, and in most cases, you won't feel any form of discomfort or pain after the treatment.

Who should not get Laser Hair Removal?

Even though laser hair removal comes with a bucket load of pros, a few risks may come with it as well. Some of these include pigment changes, skin discoloration, and irritation.

With that being said, you may be advised against laser treatment if;

  • You have a skin that easily gets pigmented
  • You have a skin condition. Several skin conditions may rule you out as an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. Besides, medications you may be using for different skin conditions; for example, isotretinoin may also make you photosensitive. Before agreeing to the procedure, be sure to let your dermatologist know these to avoid any complication.
  • If you're a pregnant woman. Now, science is still yet to provide adequate information on how chemicals applied to your skin or the lasers may affect the fetus. However, it is generally advisable that you avoid laser hair removal when expecting. In fact, there is not a single laser treatment option that's recommendable for expectant women.

The Bottom Line

Laser hair removal treatment is a speedy and effective solution for unwanted hair on different body parts. Nonetheless, it may come with a few complications especially, if it's done incorrectly.

Be sure, to be honest with your doctor during your consultation for this procedure. If you've decided to try laser hair removal or have more questions about the treatment, give us a call today, and one of our qualified dermatologists w

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