Mother and fetus, during pregnancy, are physically and spiritually one - heart to heart, soul to soul. The fetus grows protected inside the uterus and the prospective mommy has time to get prepared, grow and develop a deep spiritual union of love with the small child. When the little one is born and the navel-string cut the child is separated but though entirely depends on the mother - for food, safety, affection and care. There are females who put their job as first concern and leave the newborns to nannies, baby-sitters and even to daycare centers. This early detachment from the mom may provoke in the infant profound emotional trauma of feeling less love worthy or fear of being abandoned, because babies are very sensitive and vulnerable. Truly loving mom will expand the connection and will keep her baby happy and in good health - near her bosom as much as needed.

The single most important act to satisfy the alimentary and emotional needs of the infant is breastfeeding. This exceptional natural process of intimacy when the mother's spiritual heart is more open and with breast milk infant is absorbing love. This flow and exchange of love between mother and infant invokes feeling of bliss and joy for both infant and mom. The happy infant grows strong and healthy and is like sunshine for the whole family. The emotional relation between mother and child is substantial for the spiritual wellness of the little one and will frame its sociable conduct and sexual attitude as youngster and adult. Breast milk is the best nourishment for baby providing one perfect composite of peptides, fats, sugars, vitamins and fluids which are with no effort digested and absorbed to completely replenish the very accelerated growth and maturation of the newborn and the little kid.
Mother's milk feeding contributes considerably to the developing and maturity of the baby's digestive system, which is not finished until around 6 months of age. Breastfeeding shrinks the risk of allergy reactivity, Atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma and may protect the baby from chronic stomach disorder. No bottle milk could replace the special components of breast milk because bottle milks are fabricated from processed cow milk. The peptides of cow milk are different and difficult to dissolve and some babies have digestive illness or develop allergy and health problems for years.

Breast milk includes the adipose acids essential to the development of the newborn nervous system and eye perception. In addition, mother's milk caries immune factors which shield the newborn from many different contagious illnesses: gastrointestinal tract contamination, breathing system infection, meningitis, ear infections and urinary tract infections. Breast milk feeding is also the most effortless manner of feeding. Mother's milk comes always fresh, yummy, naturally clean and warm. There is no processing, and it is always available.

Mother's milk feeding is beneficial for the mother too. Breastfeeding mommy is delivering lots of love and the perfect nutrition to her child and lives in emotional and hormonal equilibrium. The act of breastfeeding stimulates the convalescence of the uterus of the mommy and decreases the possibility of developing a breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and endometrial malignant growth.

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