The durability of garage door torsion springs is evaluated by the cycle life. One cycle means the one-time opening and closing of a garage door. In order to increase the life of torsion springs, you must update your current springs to high-cycle springs.

For example, if you currently have springs with a .218 wire size, 2.00 inside diameter, and 26 inches of spring length. Well, then you can increase its life cycle by upgrading to torsion springs that have wire sizes of .225, with an inside diameter of 2.00 as well as 30 inches of length.

Moreover, there are many benefits of installing high-cycle torsion springs. So, let’s discuss them:

High-Cycle Garage Door Torsion Springs are Durable

High-cycle garage door torsion springs are of high-quality materials that make them last longer than standard torsion springs. Further, high-cycle torsion springs have increased numbers of cycles than normal springs. This means that you can open and close your garage door with normal torsion springs for approximately 10,000 cycles. But using high-cycle torsion springs you can double these cycles.

Saves Money

If you update your normal torsion springs to high-cycle garage door torsion springs. Well, then you will save those extra costs that you spend on the replacements and maintenance. Thus, these types of torsion springs last longer. Therefore, high-cycle torsion springs have improved productivity as well as less maintenance costs.

Improved Performance

High-cycle torsion springs enable full control and heavy usage without any reduction in their performance capabilities. Furthermore, these types of torsion springs can easily withstand those repeated cycles. Thus, high-cycle torsion springs can easily endure the wear and tear process of continuous opening and closing of your garage door. So, if you continuously use your garage, then you can totally rely on high-cycle garage door torsion springs. They will function properly for a long time to come.

The increased durability decreases the downtime that basically happens by spring failures. So, whether you are using torsion springs in your home garage or for a garage storage building for businesses, you will be able to keep up sophisticated operations. Thus, there will be no more interruptions or delays.

Since these springs are of high-quality materials, they ensure constant torque as well as rotational force. Moreover, high-cycle torsion springs are able to keep up with their functioning capabilities when there are high temperatures or even when there is a heavy load.

Great Safety and Protection

If we talk about safety and protection, then high-cycle garage door torsion springs offer better safety as well as protection. For example, if you open and close your garage door more frequently, then it might stay closed. Because you are using normal cycle springs on your garage door. Or it might stay open; thus, risking your belongings to someone for theft.

This can also delay your activities; therefore, wasting your valuable time. This is because you have only limited cycles when you compare it to your constant activities of opening or closing your garage door.

But when you install high-cycle torsion springs, then you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of them. Because they can last more cycles than those standard cycle torsion springs.

The Garage Door Operates Quietly and Smoothly

When you install high-cycle garage door torsion springs, these are considered to provide quiet and smooth operation of your garage door opening or closing. Because when you install springs that have short life cycles like extension springs, they tend to make loud creaking sounds, therefore it is a very unpleasant experience when you open or close a garage door.

So, now you understand that you must install high-cycle garage door torsion springs for smooth and easy operation of your garage door. Further, you will get rid of that annoying sound coming from your garage door.

Quiet opening or closing of a garage door is a great thing. This is because potential home buyers will appreciate the smooth operation of your garage door while inspecting your property to buy. Hence, it will increase the chances of selling your house at a high price.

Perfect for Heavy and Large Garage Doors

High-cycle garage door torsion springs are built with high-quality material. They tend to hold the weight of heavy as well as large garage doors. The main process of torsion springs is to counterbalance the weight of such heavy doors. Thus, it makes it easy to open and close your garage door.

On the other hand, if you use extension springs over your garage door, they contract with a lot of pressure. These types of springs operate under a lot of pressure or tension. So, installing such springs is kind of dangerous.


High-cycle garage door torsion springs offer a great lifespan when compared to standard or normal torsion springs. On the other hand, they are made to endure an increased number of cycles without any failures or malfunctions. This ensures that they are able to provide longer usage. And you don’t have to worry about their performance as well.

But when we talk about the standard or normal torsion springs, they have a very small lifespan. And they will be affected by wear and tear more often than high-cycle torsion springs.

Moreover, the design and making of high-cycle springs differ from normal springs since they are made from high-quality materials. Thus, it enables them to operate under even harsh conditions. While at the same time keeping up with their soundness and robustness for a long time to come.

In the end, I just want to say that if you open or close your garage door more often. Or if you have a storage building or garage for a business that you use frequently. Well, then high-cycle garage door torsion springs are the best choice. And if you have a garage in your house that you don’t use more frequently. Then standard or normal torsion springs can be an ideal choice for you.

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