According to Psychotherapy Networker Magazine, there are “10,000 coaches of various types are working in the USA alone.

There are many theories on why coaching has grown to become such a popular tool for millions around the globe. The self-help field has always been a booming business. Combine the popularity of self-help with the Internet, which provides easy access to experts in every industry, and it’s easy to see why coaching is such a popular and growing field.

And coaching touches almost every industry imaginable. Here are just a few of the common coaching approaches:

* Life coaching
* Business coaching
* Executive coaching
* Personal coaching
* Health coaching
* Time management coaching
* Sports/fitness coaching
* Dating coaching

What Does This Mean to You As An Entrepreneur?

As a business owner, the increasing demand for coaches provides you with tremendous potential to grow your business. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. The coaching business model can be adapted to fit almost any business model and niche. In fact, the more specialized your niche and services are, the more opportunities you may have.

* Coaching Builds Credibility and Authority
* Coaching Helps Brand Your Business
* Coaching Enables You to Add a High End Product to Your Sales Funnel. (More Profits)

It’s Easy to Offer Coaching

Your path to coaching depends on your audience and goals. If you’re aspiring to add ‘life coaching’ or ‘executive coaching’ to your business model, then you may want to explore certification options. Competition is a bit more extensive in these two fields and certification will help establish credibility.

However, if you’re in a niche field, like organization, parenting, or the dog training field mentioned earlier, certification is certainly not a necessity. You can simply design your coaching program to fit your audience’s needs and your business goals and then launch the program. A little planning and preparation is all you need.

You Can Offer Coaching In Any Number of Formats

You may be hesitant to add coaching to your existing business model because you’re afraid of the time commitment however the good news is the coaching field is so flexible that you can easily leverage your time by create a program that fits your needs and goals.

Coaching Fits Just About Every Niche and Business Model

The beauty of a coaching program is that it fits just about every niche and business model. To demonstrate just how adaptable coaching is, let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

* Service Business Model - A freelance writer can offer a coaching program to help other aspiring writers grow their own freelance businesses.

* Information Marketing - An information marketer in the health and fitness niche can offer personal fitness coaching or diet coaching.

* Affiliate Marketing - An affiliate marketer that represents home organization products can offer a coaching program to help others become more organized.


The coaching business model has been around since the mid 1990’s and it shows no signs of stopping. Customers are turning to it as a solution more and more. And as technology improves online business owners are better equipped to provide valuable coaching to their niche clients.

Whether you’re looking to grow your brand, improve credibility, increase profits or simply provide more value to your customers, coaching can make it happen.

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