A tummy tuck Auckland general surgical procedure tightens the stomach muscles and loose skin while also getting rid of excess fat to give your stomach a more defined look. The tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty and is becoming quite a popular procedure. Celebrities use it as a procedure of beautification. Recently pregnant mothers, aged people who may have experienced loosening skin, and people who have lost a lot of weight and may want to undergo a tummy tuck procedure.
Health benefits also accompany those who choose to get a tummy tuck procedure:

Treating Hernia:
New mothers who may have undergone a C-section or appendectomy or people who have recently lost a lot of weight are more at risk of developing hernia and increasing the chance of more hernias following. Hence, a tummy tuck procedure tightens the stomach muscles and decreases the risk of a hernia repeating.

Decreasing Stress Urinary Incontinence:
Stress urinary incontinence is a condition that usually occurs in women who have given vaginal birth, causing leakage from the bladder. This can be pretty embarrassing and inconvenient! The tummy tuck procedure allows a bladder obstruction to be made by tissue near the pelvic area to prevent this from occurring further.

Tighter Abdominal Muscles:
Tummy tuck procedure can significantly increase the posture of patients as it tightens and tones the abdominal muscles. It also reduces the risk of "sway-back" or lordosis, relieving the patient of backaches.

Maintaining Weight reduction:
Bariatric patients who have undergone other procedures find it challenging to manage and maintain weight reduction. Combining their surgeries with tummy tuck procedures ensures they don't gain back the lost weight. It also makes it easier for them to participate in physical practice, resulting in healthier lifestyles and renewed confidence.

Thus, the tummy tuck procedure does more than just enhancing one's elegance as it relieves patients of various medical issues and gives them renewed comfort and confidence to wear the clothes they want, and be more social and enjoy life every passing day!

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