The world is changing, and more and more people are taking notice of what is happening to the planet and the contribution that they make to it. That has led to consumers making more conscious buying decisions, and this does not just apply to the products they buy but the packaging that they come in too.

The packaging that we have got used to includes huge amounts of plastic which are difficult, if not impossible, to recycle. The manufacturing of packaging is also an issue as it can involve substantial pollution or the use of crude oil. Even cardboard and paper can be an issue for those who care about the environment as it is often not from a sustainable source.

Eco-friendly packaging

There are great benefits to using eco-friendly packaging both to your business, your customer loyalty and the planet as a whole. If you have decided to make your packaging eco-friendly, it needs to be safe and healthy throughout its life cycle as well as sourced, manufactured, transported and recycles using renewable energy.

What you manufacture your packaging from is important, as it needs to optimise the use of renewable or recycled source materials that remain non-toxic. When it is produced, it needs to optimise the use of renewable or recycled source materials and meet market criteria for performance and cost.

Packaging benefits

When considering what packaging you want to use, you need to consider a lot of things. Whilst eco-friendly packaging seems a nice idea, you might wonder what the real benefits are for you as a business. The first step is to make your packaging and refusing to include non-sustainable petrochemical resources such as crude oil is a big move.

One of the biggest factors is that it can be disposed of sensibly. This means that it can be easily recycled, or if it is made from biodegradable materials then it can break down quickly and easily without releasing any harmful toxins.

Employing the use of eco-friendly packaging can also reduce your carbon footprint if you choose recycled products. Alternatively, you could opt for natural materials like bamboo or FSC-approved paper or cardboard that actually draw carbon out of the environment.

Eco-friendly packaging will not only boost your brand image, it is also something that can be applied to just about any industry. It will benefit your business by reducing your transportation costs as generally, less of it will be needed. By making the switch to eco-friendly packaging, you are unlikely to alienate customers, but you can extend your customer base by appealing to those who are concerned with environmental issues and are looking to make the change to brands like yours.

Eco-friendly packaging needs to be biodegradable and be able to be reused or recycled to bring a benefit for the earth we live on as well as for your own business through the loyalty it will earn from a dedicated customer base and the positive impact it can have within your business itself.

Author's Bio: 

Adele Thomas is the owner of Distinctive Confectionery; a corporate confectionery company that's been supplying businesses with high quality personalised and promotional confectionery for over 20 years.