Debt counselling is a service that people can benefit from if they find themselves in financial difficulty. If people are struggling to make their monthly home and bill repayments, are afraid of losing their house or car because of debt, can’t sleep for the worry of their debt, are afraid of being blacklisted and can’t escape the calls from creditors asking when they will pay their debt then they should seek some debt counselling. Debt counselling is an invaluable service that can really help people to manage their debts and find a solution to get out of this awful situation. Debt counselling is also referred to as a debt review or debt restructuring for people who are looking for this service.

A debt counselling service will work with individuals and couples who need help managing their debts. During the debt review the facilitator will provide people with opportunity to restructure their debts to make them affordable and manageable to avoid people losing their homes and being blacklisted. During debt counselling the counsellor will help the customer with budgeting advice, restructuring their payments and instalments, negotiating with credit providers, monitoring payments and offering after care services to ensure people don’t need a debt review again in the future. Debt counselling will be carried out by people who are registered with the NCR.

A debt review can help people who are in small or large amounts of debt and it will aim to find solutions to get people out of debt. People will need to apply for debt counselling and their case will then be reviewed to see if it is suitable to be handled by a debt review expert. Debt counselling can help people avoid having to take out additional loans and getting further into debt, it will help people avoid extra costs and legal action from creditors and the debt review can in some cases help people to reduce their monthly outgoings by 40-60%. Once people have gone through debt counselling they should be able to pay off their debt faster and regain their financial freedom.

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