Implementing a regular corporate massage has many beneficial outcomes for both employer and employee. Large and small companies will experience many short-term and long-term benefits for all. Our own health and wellness often gets put on the hold because we simply don't have enough time for all the things we need and want to do. However a regular corporate massage program ensures we receive a little relaxation and rejuvenation every week or fortnight to manage and diminish stress and tension. Regular treatments keep those nasty knots that creep into our neck and shoulders at bay, eliminating persistent pain, stiffness and eradicating headaches.

Immediately after a seated massage treatment, sore muscles and joints are relaxed, muscle spasms ease and tension dissipates. Recipients may notice that their stress levels have decreased as the bodies relaxation response is triggered, and energy levels and relaxed alertness also improves. After a session, the increased blood circulation and elevated oxygen and nutrition delivery to the cells improves circulation to the brain and enhances the ability to think and concentrate.

Whilst blood circulation increases, pulse rate decreases which is also a trigger from the relaxation response. In the long-term, participants have noticed an overall reduction or the complete elimination of persistent pain and headaches, and overall awareness of general health and wellbeing is enhanced.
Health and wellness go hand in hand and if participants feel better, they want to carry this feeling on into their daily lives and we find eating habits improve, sleeping habits improve and insomnia lessens. Performed on a regular basis, corporate massage is preventative medicine, and we all know prevention is better than cure!

In regards to office benefits, we all know highly strung, stressed out execs create grumpy, frazzled and snappy co-workers, whilst relaxed, stress free employees create a happy environment to work in, and that happiness is infectious. Office morale improves as staff realise they are appreciated and valued. It is well documented that employees who are happy with their employer are loyal, stay longer and perform better.

The flow on effect of more efficient, dynamic and focused personnel is a rise in productivity and profit. Coupled with diminished sick days, absenteeism less Worksafe claims, health care costs can drastically reduce too.

Making corporate massage part of your workplace health and wellness program is a simple and inexpensive way to reward your staff whilst reaping the benefits of many long-term and short term outcomes. Corporate massage is a sound investment for large and small businesses alike. Employees are the most valuable asset in any organisation and a Two Hands Corporate Massage program is an ideal way to care for and reward those assets.

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