A conservatory is a unique addition to any home. They improve the look of a building, as well as giving practical extra living space to spend time in. Conservatories also act as a buffer between inside and outside, creating a draught excluder and trapping the sun’s heat to create a thermally efficient room. Enjoy the stunning outdoors with the comfort of being indoors.

Hardwood conservatories have many benefits over other types of conservatory. A hardwood conservatory is more environmentally friendly, thermally efficient, attractive and flexible than one of the more common uPVC styles.

Environmentally friendly:

Wood is a renewable and eco-friendly resource. It is the most environmentally friendly raw material available for conservatories, and using older trees and planting new ones helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Not only this, but hardwood is very thermally efficient, helping to keep heat inside the conservatory in cooler weather. This means that a hardwood conservatory requires less heating than any other conservatory, and a south facing conservatory will also act as a solar heater for the entire house.

Visual appeal:

Many people who would never have a uPVC conservatory opt for hardwood designs. A hardwood conservatory creates a classic look because they are traditional; conservatories date back to Victorian times when hardwood was the material of choice. They are therefore likely to suit older houses, such as those from Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian times, than any conservatory designed with man-made frames.

Hardwood conservatories also tend to give a more natural look, and blend in with the outdoors better than uPVC conservatories. They offer a unique flexibility for owners, as they can be stained, painted and varnished giving any finish which the owner desires. A hardwood conservatory also offers the possibility of being sanded down and repainted or varnished to give a different look. Although you have the possibility of changing the look of a hardwood conservatory, they require very little maintenance and upkeep.


If you have decided to build a hardwood conservatory you have many choices available. You are likely to be offered everything from Victorian, Georgian, Elizabethan, Edwardian, cloister, garden room and orangery designs, and your choice is a matter of preference. Shapes include L shape, lean to, pavilion, and many others. Research your dream hardwood conservatory style and use a comparison website to find the best price for you.

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