You are planning to make some few changes with the exterior and interior part of your home. It is better to start the changes from the outside so that everybody can see the big difference of your old and new home as soon as you begin your plan. Majority of houses in the country have nice gardens and attractive windows. If you are considering your budget and total renovations of your front area and your home as a whole is quite heavy on your part, then it is better to start some few changes that will not cost you much. You may begin with some improvement with the outside appearance of your house for the time being.

You can install window boxes for plants for a start. It is the best choice of renovation because it will not only change the total appearance of your home but it will also help you in making your small garden window. You may not have the money for the improvement of your garden; you can still have your favorite plants in your windows making it your tiny garden for the meantime. Plants in your windows will also serve as decoration aside from the beautiful curtains that you hang inside your room.

Outdoor flower and plants are the best for your window boxes. It is intended for your window boxes since it can be expose to the sunlight and the weather every day and it can be bought in the market today. Since window boxes are outside the shelter of your home, it is only proper that outdoor flowers and plants are the ones that you need to choose. Outdoor plants like belle flowers or barberry can be place in your window boxes to give a nice and radiant view.

On the other hand, if you happen to have some problem maintaining the plants you have because of your busy schedule, you can consider buying false flowers instead of the living plants. It will assure you than the beauty of your windows is maintained without causing you any trouble of maintenance. There are a lot of artificial flowering plants available in the market today. Hanging artificial plants and plants and artificial plants on pots are also available for you to choose from. It is the best alternative for you especially if you want that there will be no changes on the actual beauty of your house despite the changing weather.

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