CBD topicals can be very beneficial when added to your daily regimen. Different skincare products can be produced by infusing cannabinoids into carrier oils. My personal favorite is infusing coconut oil with phytocannabinoid-rich distillate that is rich in CBD as well as trace cannabinoids, which I then use in a wide array of CBD topicals, while also being an “all-natural” ingredient.

What products can be infused?
There are no limitations when it comes to infusing skincare products to make CBD topicals, any product that is produced using carrier oil can easily be infused without formulation knowledge or chemistry background. Some of the products I have personally infused are lotions, body kinds of butter, lip balms, beard oils, face masks, lip scrubs, sugar scrubs, bath soaks, bath bombs, body soap & more.

What benefits can we expect to see on our skin?
In my personal opinion, CBD topicals when used in combination with other herbs and oils can have amazing benefits to your skin including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief properties. When combined with other herbs and oils, cannabinoids can be effective in relieving the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes, and even acne.

CBD Research
There is still research that needs to be done to fully support these claims, but this is my personal opinion based on personal experience and how I have seen CBD topicals effect friends, families, and others around me.

In conclusion
CBD can be beneficial when used in skin topicals. More research needs to be done to fully support these claims. Thousands of individuals across the country are using CBD products and reporting just some of these benefits listed above and more.

-Shannon -

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