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Around a million years ago, Earth’s history begins. Earth had been given its name, Urantia, and placed on a physical registry by the powers-that-be.

The real geologic history of Urantia begins with the cooling of the Earth’s crust causing water-vapor condensation. Eventually, our world was covered with one huge ocean with the average depth of one mile. This primitive ocean was not salty.

Now, I can’t help but wonder what it might have felt like to swim in this water. One certainly wouldn’t have to worry about fish or other animal types. It may have been a beautiful color of aqua and maybe a bit cold. Even if it were more than likely warm, it still would have been a thrill to swim in.

Now, when I think of aqua-cool water, I think of my visits as a child and as a teenager at Lithia Springs in Florida.
I did have a paranormal experience from a visit I had there, I was seventeen years old and on a double-date. It was a blind-date arranged by a co-worker from having a job as a water girl at a local Holiday Inn near my home. In date, Sam, was home on leave from being in the U.S. Navy.
We had been goofing off playing with a blown-up inner tube, in a deep part of the spring, when I slipped through the hole. Down, down I went, sucking in water. If it hadn’t been for Sam, rescuing me, I would have drowned.
Those near me were making a fuss wondering “why” I didn’t know how to swim that I stopped listening to them. I was pulled into a trance-like state walking towards a disturbance in the water off to my right. I heard Sam and the others calling out my name, but whatever had taken over kept me from responding. I felt like a robot being controlled by an unknown force as I reached down to lift a small child from under the water. The child had stepped into a deep hole and would have drowned, if whatever was inside me hadn’t taken over.

The girl was as light as a feather as I carried her to the shore. Once her feet touched the ground, I left her. I remember seeing her face turn white and she didn’t say a word. She stared up at me as if I weren’t for real and then I just walked away without saying a word.

Now, back to my interpretation concerning Earth’s development. 950,000,000 years ago, one great continent emerged on that long body of water. The Resident Observer, who wrote this section in the BOOK, gave this body of water as being the Pacific Ocean and the land mass had not been named, since it was destined to go through many changes, such as sinking back down below the water.
During this time period, volcanoes were still widely-spread and earthquakes are both frequent and severe. Meteors continued to bombard our Earth, but were diminishing in both frequency and size (as mentioned in the previous chapter). It was at this time that Urantia was assigned to the system of Satania for planetary administration and placed on the life registry of Norlatiadek. Our small and insignificant sphere as a pebble in a vast galaxy had become destined to be the planet whereon Michael who eventually visit, who would be known as Jesus.

So, it had been planned way in advanced that Michael/Jesus would come to show us the light and our planet would be nicknamed, “world of the cross.”

There were many, many pages I read before the BOOK introduced Jesus and provided the reader with his complete history. Unfortunately, I have no intention of jumping to the section in the BOOK dedicated to him, because I feel everyone needs to know how our planet developed and how we are all connected. Instead, I will write another book about Jesus covering the most important facts concerning his time on Earth.

(In Memory of Dad)
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Check out Ms. Oberne’s work-in-progress, “The Birth of Jesus and Beyond.” FREE to READ.

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Sharon Beecroft Brown has had unusual encounters with the paranormal, which she knows was prompted by having three near-death experiences. She is a Christian and avid reader of the Book of Urantia. Check out her author site at