Meditation is an ancient practice used for many years that seeks to help you find a calm and relaxing center as you take a moment to escape from the harsh busy stress of the every day world and of daily life. Though life can get hectic, that doesn't mean that you should never get a break from the craze of it all. Whether you are having troubles at work or with personal relationships or with people you know and cannot handle, you need to find a way to escape it once in a while for the sake of keeping yourself sane. In fact, when a body is too worn out by stress and worry, then it reduces your immune system's ability to protect you from sickness and makes you far more likely to contract some cold or ailment that will only bog you down and make you even more stressed out at the end of the day. So, meditation offers you a way to escape all of this terrible stress and take a moment that is just for you.

When you plan to meditate, you want to make sure you are alone and in a totally quiet place. Free yourself from your relatives, from talking children and spouses, from the radio, from the chattering television. Turn off your cell phone, your pager, your digital equipment and go to a room where it is just you and a few candles. Light some candles that have soothing scents and then feel free to play soothing instrumentals, maybe some rainforest sound effects of the sound of ocean waves or of anything else that might soothe you naturally with its quiet and subdued melody and noise.

Then, take deep breaths and think about your life, think of your center and try to concentrate all of your energy on reaching your inner soul, that quiet place that stays secret and safe from all the harshness of the world. If you have trouble doing this on your own, there are some tapes that can help you do this by consulting an instructor's advice that will help you do it. Otherwise, just take a deep breath and try to clear your mind. Most importantly, for that hour or two do no think of your problems, of your stresses, or anything, only try and breathe and relax and take a time out.

Sometimes meditating also happens when you are doing something like painting or drawing or cooking or sewing. In those art forms, you can escape into another world where you free your mind and let go for just a moment so that you can be freed from all the hassles of the world. It is important you find this escape once in a while. Otherwise, you will continuously wear yourself out. This way, you find a way to help yourself figure some things out on your own and be in a quiet place, like visiting an energy reserve, where you can draw forth strength so that when you finally do return to your usual life, you will have the strength to do this.

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Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for PoloMercantil