Most of us want to do something they like, be appreciated for what they achieve and, of course, be well paid for it. But ideal jobs are difficult to find. One of the most beautiful jobs, that offers the chance of bringing life and also see miracles almost every day, is to be a midwife. And this is not something to be trifled with. It's a very serious job, meaning responsibilities and a lot to deal with on the way... but the reward is worth it.

What exactly is a midwife?

A midwife is a woman or a man, usually the former, that has attended special courses in order to understand and be prepared for a normal pregnancy experience. The midwife is helping the pregnant woman with all that has to do with her new experience, starting with the doctors and clinics she should see and ending with all the frights and unexpected reactions the future mother goes through.
Most pregnant women are more afraid of the unknown than the pregnancy itself. The lack of experience makes them nervous, emotional and sometimes can lead to mistakes. Having an experienced person by your side, reliable and emotionally close, helps the situation a lot.

Where to find your midwife?

Most hospitals and clinics offer midwives to help their patients, but the formal environment of a hospital usually does not satisfy the needs of a concerned future mother. The other option they have is to hire an independent midwife, usually by recommendation. This choice offers the pregnant woman a chance to establish a more profound relationship with an experienced professional, usually a mother herself, and to feel safe in asking about anything she requires. You can find independent midwives at dedicated centers that usually offer support and information from a holistic point of view, taking care of the body and the mind of the pregnant woman.

Not few are the cases when stress and lack of knowledge lead to an unpleasant turn of events, complicating the birth procedure, reducing breast feeding duration and even affecting the development of the newborn. It is also true that instinct is the best friend of a future mother, but nowadays we are listening less and less to our inner voice. Because mothers are usually working during most of their pregnancy, the presence of a wiser and more experienced person is becoming more and more necessary, mainly just to know they have someone to turn to if in trouble; as a bonus, the future dads are the first to sustain the idea of not being involved in something they don't know how to handle and would have never been curious about anyway.

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