The beautiful Babylon weeping willow is one of the prettiest blooming willow trees that have ever been seen! The Babylon will tolerate moist soils, but need lots of water to survive! These trees have long and drooping branches and are directly related to plants that come out of China. This beautiful weeping willow tree is widely cultivated as an ornamental type tree. It loves to be in the direct sunlight, but prefers the chill in the winter time!

It has a flower color that is yellow and grows just perfect, although sometimes you may need to prune it in the summer or fall, as it can become prone to different diseased very easily. Planting a garden under this tree is impossible, as it has roots that will take over all the ground under it, so be sure to plant these way away from any septic or sewer lines! These trees will vary in height and can ranges anywhere from 30 feet up to 50 feet, the best zones for a taller tree are zones 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. These trees will thrive in almost any type of soil, but enjoy acid type soil the best for the best results in height and flower showing.

Another beautiful thing about the Babylon weeping willow is that all the teeth on it are exactly the same size, making them appear as if they had been pruned manually while they have actually not been touched at all. It has long and very narrow leaves that are soft but flat, and not lobbed, but they are not silky, unlike some other types of willow trees. Most people purchase a Babylon weeping willow because of its unique and beautiful looks.

The branches of this tree droop to the ground, so it is not suggested for use as a shade tree, but more as use for a decorative tree to make your yard look beautiful! You can decorate around these trees and put things such as fences and circular brick or rock around them, but it can also stand alone and may not need much more attention than it is sure to receive from all of those who will see it.

If you are looking for a beautiful tree that will grow in almost any environment and that doesn't require much upkeep, other than an occasional pruning, then a Babylon weeping willow is highly suggested for you to look into getting to make your garden a little more special.

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