It’s a general knowledge that first impression is often the last, therefore before applying to any company a CV or Curriculum vitae should be strong enough to impress them, so rejection wouldn’t be an option. And there are some companies that once you have been rejected they won’t bother looking at your CV anymore, no matter how you make it better, it is just too late. If the content of a CV is important, a CV template is far more important, if a simple template can’t be done well, how will that reflect on anyone?
A Curriculum Vitae is different from a resume which is a common misconception. A CV template shows the steps on what to be written in a CV and what is not; it also shows the appropriate format and the order in which your personal, background, contact and other information should appear.
A CV template also comes with different formats, depending of what type of company you are applying to; there are certain fonts that companies are requiring. And depending on your field of interest, the CV template also varies with the content it should have. There is what you can call a professional CV Template and a functional CV template. Both require time and energy to perfect.
The basic parts of a Know more about CV template is the contact information, so that the company may know how to contact you, the personal info for the safety of the company that you are who you say you are, optional personal information (e.g marital status, spouse’s name, children, etc.), there are some company who prefers single employees or for them to know what may be the cause of a sudden absence and the like. Employment history, this will show your capabilities and what you can do and what they can do with you as an asset. Education, how much work they can give you depending on your knowledge based here. And other information like if you have won an award, or your interest.

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