Joint replacement has now come a long way till the date. Gone are the days when it used to take weeks for people to walk after the surgery is done; now this is not a case anymore. Today, patients can get back on their feet and start walking within a day or two after the surgical procedure is done. Let’s know more about this joint replacement surgical procedure and the benefits it gives to patients.

Joint Replacement Surgery – What Is It?

In the human body, we all have different joints. This is where two or more than two bones meet one another.

A joint can be a ball and socket type joint, which is a type of joint where the rounded end of one bone fits into the other or a hinge joint, which is classified by the ability to straighten and bend jointly. At maximum number of times, the cartilage that lines the ends of bones or the articular cartilage can be weakened and damaged over time.

Joint replacement surgery is a medical treatment to restore the normal function and mobility of the damaged joint and to relieve the pain of the joints in a human body. This surgical procedure consists of the removal of the damaged and affected joint and tissues, which is replaced with an artificial prosthesis. Joint replacement surgical procedure is too often done on the knee, shoulders, hip, and can also be done on the ankles, elbows and fingers, by professional and experienced orthopedic doctor.

Common Causes Of Joint Problems

It’s being said, 95% of times, joint problems are caused because of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. While, according to the healthcare professionals, the cause for arthritis still remains somewhat unclear, following mentioned below are things that may further contribute to the weakening of joints –

1. Genetic
2. Problems with the joint or cartilage
3. Minor recurring injuries
4. Severe trauma to the cartilage

Other than these, some lesser common causes are bone/joint infection, bursitis, gout, cancer, certain infectious diseases, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia.

In a case, any of you is facing such issues; you should directly consult to a professional and the best orthopedic doctor in Chandigarh, to get it treated properly.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement surgery is probably not the first option for those having joint pain. Often times, various treatments options such as physical therapy, meditation, and changes the everyday routine are suggested. In case, if these non-surgical methods do not help in treating the joint pain and one continues to experience unbearable pain, your doctor may suggest you with joint replacement surgical procedure.

Total and Partial Joint Replacement Surgery

Well, there are two different types of joint replacement that is commonly carried out – one is total, and another one is partial. In a partial replacement surgery, only a certain portion of the joint will be replaced, whereas, in total replacement, the whole cartilage is replaced by surgeons with a prosthesis. Generally, partial joint replacements are minor surgeries, and a person requires a shorter time to recover through it, but in total joint replacement surgery, the cartilage and bone requires a complete replacement and have a longer recovery time. In both cases, there will be a need for occupational as well as physical therapy once the surgical procedure is done to ensure the joint is completely healed.

Benefits Of Joint Replacement Surgery

Generally, there are many benefits of this joint replacement surgery, but some of the most sought after benefits of joint replacement surgical procedure are –

• Restores movement and mobility – Once the surgery is done, many people are able to resume their prior hobbies and activities such as swimming, biking, hiking again. As a matter of fact, it leads to an overall improvement in the quality of life.

• Less pain – The reason being why people go through this surgery is to no longer suffer from excruciating and any other chronic pain.

• Safer than ever before – This surgical procedure is more effective and safer than ever before now. While there are many risks associated with this surgery as of now too, but the new advancements made in this procedure has now lead to a better level of post-operative function.

Get Different Joint Replacement Surgeries Done At ARV Hospital, Chandigarh

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