Setting up a home gym isn’t as complicated as it sounds, especially if you already know which type of equipment you routinely use in the gym. Nonetheless, this is a list of the bare essentials that you should get for your home gym to handle any workout routine.


You may be hesitant to invest in getting an entire set of weights, but you don’t need everything. Get yourself a set of adjustable dumbbells, an adjustable barbell, and the best squat rack for your budget. If limited on space - opt for a half rack. You can also add a kettlebell for more versatility in your weightlifting routine.

Cardiovascular Exercise

While you could always go running outdoors for your cardio, many people prefer to workout at home. Either get yourself a small treadmill, or better yet, a spin cycle. If you’re looking for versatility, a cross elliptical trainer/spin bike combo is the perfect machine. Use it standing up for maximum intensity, or have a seat and use it as a stationary bike.

Extra Gear

Even after getting all that equipment, you might feel that your gym is missing a few things. Make sure to get yourself a high-quality exercise mat to allow for calisthenics or bodyweight exercises. A workout bench will also help add more exercise to your routine (such as bench dips). You could also install a pull up bar at your door, but make sure it is installed correctly and to avoid any injuries.

How To Develop A Home Workout Routine

At the gym, there is usually a fitness coach to help guide you as you exercise. When you’re at home, you’re all alone. Just remember that any workout routine needs dedication and consistency, which is easier when you’re at home. You can easily buy a workout schedule online, or look for free resources that guide you on which types of exercise you should be doing. Generally speaking, most workout routines follow a similar pattern. You should aim to workout all your muscle groups, with a warm up period before and a cool down period after. Also, try to alternate your weightlifting between lower and upper body to give the muscles time to recuperate after exercise. Make sure to stretch thoroughly after working out, and avoid taking a hot shower until after you’ve cooled down completely.

Building a home gym is an excellent way to make sure you never miss a workout day, which will help you follow through with your plans and achieve your fitness goals. There is no reason you can’t get a full body workout at home, even if you’re on a budget. In fact, some people build their entire home gym within their bedroom using resistance bands, a yoga mat, and jump ropes. Bodyweight exercises are popular among people who workout at home, and you should add them to your routine even if you plan on buying weightlifting equipment. They will help you improve your balance and flexibility in ways that weights cannot.

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