For quite a decade Jaladhama resort has worked towards achieving its mettle in offering memories and skill to all or any our patrons through customized tour packages that meet your necessities and demands. Our journey has been a successful and stable one mainly due to your patronage and also due to our dedicated team member, who work diligently to serve you better.
Over the years the Backwater resorts in Karnataka have earned such a lot fame that it continues to attract tourist from across the world . With increase in number of tourist inflow per annum all measures are taken to keep up the natural faced of the backwaters to supply you the experience you need to feel once you check in for one these backwater cruises.
What to expect
BE assured depending on the package and days you select to cruise on the Backwater resorts in Karnataka you as a honeymoon couple are going to be greeted with Delicious food and juices.
• Some houseboat counting on the ratings offers you fresh wet towels to instantly refresh
• A beautifully set room to make the right romantic ambiance Special toiletries to pamper you
• The rooms accompany air-conditioning, comfortable beds and adequate lighting
• an attractive dinner on the deck with special table found out for newly weds
-> A candle light arrangement
-> Special gourmet preparation by the chef
-> A luxurious dessert or cake to make you feel like a honeymoon
-> You'll request for a special slow dance with some apt music to form your honeymoon special. you would possibly got to check for this arrangements feasibility beforehand though
What to carry
Houseboat cruises will involve tons of activities concerning water. you'll be prepared with
• Carry comfortable shoes or flip flops
• The houseboat is provided with natural means to ward of insects and mosquitoes but there's no harm in carrying an additional mosquito repellant cream
• Carry an honest hat and sunglasses to enjoy the picturesque view of the lake and avoiding the hide and seek of the seeping sunlight
• If you propose on taking a canoe ride away into the canals and lagoons carry a camera that’s waterproof so you'll capture a number of the attractive and unbelievable scenic charisma of the lake
• IF you opt to use a paddle boat on your own than you’d got to carry your paddling suit and preferably a GPS. confirm someone knows where you're avoiding to.
• IF this is often your first time on a backwater cruise and you're unsure if you would possibly feel sick, carry some quick pills for sickness or nausea.
The Family resort around Mysore takes extra care to provide tourists with security , particularly those seeking houseboat cruises, so the tourism police and boat associations confirm that all safety measures are on board the houseboat.. Nearly 3 to five staffs are always available on board and are liable for the management of all things on board.
After all you're planning a romantic honeymoon cruise to enjoy a pleasing ride and romantic stay safety and security check will only keep you and your partner safe and sound on your honeymoon cruise on the backwaters of Jaladhama.

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Jaladhama is one of the best Family resort around Mysore and the best Backwater resorts in Karnataka.