Children often live in the land of make-believe. Their worlds are surreal and filled with dreams, imaginary friends and fairytales. And in those dreams, fantasy worlds and fairytales, children often communicate their passions, their fears, their hopes and their overall feelings about the life they have come to know.

When you step into their realm, it is the perfect time to encourage your children to voice their opinions in healthy and productive ways. Use the imagination that fills their hearts and souls to build a strong foundation for life and living. After all, our children hold the vision and the future in the palms of their tiny hands. This is why we need to mold them carefully, gently and affectionately with support, love and nourishment that will set them up for success in everything they do.

Give your child food for the soul and heart so that she can seize that nourishment and construct a prosperous, honorable and joy-filled life. Proactively guiding her at a young age by lending a hand in shaping her gifts, thoughts and ideas into productive initiatives is what will give her the insight and the determination to accomplish great things in life. If you teach your child love, she will become loving.

There once was a public service ad that stated, “It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.” No, it should never hurt to be a child – that is for mental and emotional wellness, as well as physical health. This is why you must always rule as a loving mentor to your child. Remember that how you rear your child will be the stepping stones for his future success. Become the bridge to his consciousness and you will teach him to be calm and patient. If you teach your child haste and anger, he will grow to be angry and intolerant.

What dreams does he want to share with you? Are you listening…really listening to what he is saying to you? How are you responding? Do you tell him that you are too busy or you simply do not have the time to share with him or do you place your dreams in front of him and make them adopt them? I know we all sometimes get in a rush to go somewhere or do something, but if you are not hearing his voice and are not responsive to his immediate needs, you are teaching him to give up.

Choose your words and actions very carefully. The child you raise today could possibly be the future leader of tomorrow.

The Baby Whisperer Vol 8: A Penny for your Thoughts
By Joan Marie Whelan The Baby Whisperer

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