Remember when you were little and someone may have said, “Monkey-see, Monkey-do”? Well, everything that you emit through your actions, your words and even your thoughts are being fed into those around you – your children, your siblings, your friends, your coworkers and even your significant other. The funny thing about “monkey-see, monkey-do” is that often, others may unknowingly begin to pick up your habits and behavioral patterns. In some instances, individuals may simply make an example out of you: “Do you see that person over there? Don’t ever act like that.” OR the same holds true in the following statement: “Do you see that person over there? That’s exactly how you need to act.”

The behaviors that you present to others have a lasting impression…especially on your children. Your values, in essence, are carried within you through your actions, words and deeds. When you think of your actions and your words in the last five minutes, the last hour, the last 24 hours, the last four weeks, the last few months or the last couple of years, what comes to mind? Here are 11 questions to ask yourself that might elicit food for thought:

Am I teaching anxiety?
Am I teaching fear?
Am I teaching chaos?
Am I teaching order?
Am I teaching pride?
Am I teaching love?
Am I teaching hope?
Am I teaching animosity?
Am I teaching gratitude?
Am I teaching peace?
Am I teaching compassion?
When you think about your “values”, are you being true to yourself and true to those around you? Are you being fair to yourself and your authentic state Evaluate your truthfulness on a scale from one to 10. As you are assessing your life and your current lifestyle, what do you recall from your past that may be influencing your present…perhaps even your future?

When you are ready to go within your true essence and forgive yourself you will be better prepared to move forward honestly with yourself. You naturally begin to evolve into a more aware and conscious person, as you connect with your Inner Child, your Authentic Self. As you become more aware and conscious, your “values” also begin to shift and transform into a more wholesome and harmonious way on every level in your life whether you are a parent, a spouse, a manager, a friend, a coworker, and even as a child. In the meantime, what values are you teaching today? It is never too late to strengthen those principles that you value so that you can become a sought after role model.

The Baby Whisperer Vol 5: What Values are You Teaching?
By Joan Marie Whelan The Baby Whisperer

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