What if the delivery doctor placed you … yes you… as a newborn into your own arms? What would you do? How would you feel? Would you feel guilty for how you have been treating yourself? Would you surrender to this beautiful bundle of joy and just love and adore this miraculous Soul? Just for one moment, I want you to visualize this scene. Close your eyes, take in a deep, deep breath. Now exhale, slowly. As you are imaging yourself as this tiny little miracle … you … lying in your own gentle arms, what comes up for you? How from this moment forward would you want to treat yourself and connect with you as you are…in your nakedness, your purity, your energy force? How are you connecting with the birth of you right now? Do you feel helpless or excited? Do you feel nurtured or deprived? Do you feel warmed and loved or rejected?

There are many women who have never physically given birth to a child, but they experience those same feelings as adoptive parents, owners of a beloved pet or caregiver within other human encounters. Allow your imagination to build on the scene when you picture the scenario of yourself and your baby growing together, did you feel the power…the energetic life force within you? Besides the traditional changes that one goes through as new life is forming within, are there any other feelings or sensations or even thoughts that are surfacing because of this change or transformation in your life? When do you start to consider how this change within you is actually re-shaping your perception about life and more specifically your experiences and your world? Too often we walk around seeking fulfillment, joy and excitement on a superficial level without spending time in thought, reflection and even self-realization that we miss the bigger picture of what is our purpose and function while we are experiencing life here on earth. We too often fail to dig deep into the recesses of our soul to examine our core values and how they surface on a daily basis.

You see while our bodies continue to grow and change as the years pass by, our soul, the little child within us, still wants to be playful, to jump and skip and laugh and be loved. We tend to cover over those feelings and hide them deeply in the crevices of our hearts—longing to treasure those emotions but too protective of them to share them with others.

Now…let’s go back to the introduction of this article. Place yourself in the situation of tiny you being coddled in the arms of grownup you. What a miniature miraculous Soul being you are. Are you feeling the love and warmth of the greatness of you? If you are, then you have begun to take the steps toward the bonds that create love, balance and wellbeing both for you and that little child within you. But what if you are not identifying with those feelings…or even more…what if you think this whole exercise is worthless and uncomfortable. Could it possibly be that you do not want to explore those feelings because it hurts too much? We adults and most specifically we women tend to be strong and in control and if we let our guard down, we just might lose our power. I would like to suggest that that is a false notion. Your power and strength is grounded in what you value and what you hold as true. If you believe that a newborn child is tender and sweet and loving and that it deserves being protected and nurtured, then it is also true that the child within you also deserves that same caring, sharing and respect.

I invite you to consider the scenario that has just been placed before you and take the time to re-evaluate your needs, that is your emotional, spiritual and physical needs, that you have hidden deep within the recesses of your heart and Soul so that no one will find them or even quite possibly cause you pain. Remove the veil that has protected your true identity and allow your pure and true self to shine through. When you nurture and love the child within you, you actually feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.

The Baby Whisperer Vol 2: Connecting with the Baby inside You
The Baby Whisperer with Joan Marie, TM

Intuitive Life Mastery Coach and THE BABY WHISPERER WITH JOAN MARIE ™, Joan Marie Whelan, brings the art of heart and soul bonding to the lives of parents and children, pre-conception - in vitro and beyond!

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Intuitive Life Mastery Coach and THE BABY WHISPERER WITH JOAN MARIE ™, Joan Marie Whelan, brings the art of heart and soul bonding to the lives of parents and children, pre-conception - in vitro and beyond! Learn more here: The Baby Whisperer with Joan Marie