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No one ever told me what being a mother actually meant. I observed my Mother but could feel her distance at times… I could sense her feelings of lack and doubt even though we were more than comfortable and provided for. Sometimes I was aware of her discomfort and uneasiness even though she had many friends with whom she could share her thoughts. Even so, she did not want to share those thoughts with me. At times, I had felt isolation… so how do I become a responsible, nurturing mother myself someday?

Many women have had some or all of the abovementioned experiences in their lives. But still they desire to be the woman who cares and who wants to do and be the right person capable and willing to bring a new life into the world. Where do they seek guidance, advice and straight talk to begin the task of shaping themselves into the mothers they want to become?

When you feel as if you have no channel to express your fears, doubts or concerns about your potentiality as a mother, you need to dig deep within the core of your being so that you can find the strength and resolve to lay your fears, doubts or concerns to rest. Some excellent mental tools that work really well include meditation CDs and relaxation techniques like yoga, visualization, or deep breathing exercises. I personally like mirror exercises that allow you to ask your authentic self the burning questions that have been hindering you from moving forward. You might surprise yourself at some of the answers that your inner being is capable of extracting and giving to you through the Universal flow of energy.

Of course, one-on-one coaching or counseling therapies can also act as a productive means to helping you lift all the negative energies and patterns so that you can begin to wrap your head around the fact that you are born with the gift to give and nurture life as a mother. Remember too, no two mothers are identical. Each one of us emits certain life variables including environmental, cultural, generational, creeds, religious beliefs, hereditary, rites of passage, etc. The exponential functions are the same: different times, different places, different values – but the bonds of love are unwavering.

So even if your mom may not have been the June Cleaver of “Leave it to Beaver” or presumed supermom, Kelly Rippa, it does not mean that you cannot become the mom you have always desired to become. Get to the heart of the matter and learn to be you first, and the rest will come easy.

The Baby Whisperer Vol 10: Motherhood
By Joan Marie Whelan The Baby Whisperer

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