Almost a century ago, children were to be seen and not heard. In this day and age, to rear empathetic adults into honest, respectable, upstanding citizens, who communicate effectively and create success in their daily lives, there cannot be a more critical decision than to make certain that both parent and child are interactively connected in heart and soul.

The Science and Philosophy

In a recent study on early infant communication (conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami), the critical component to social and emotional development has been tied to parental facial expressions. This means that even very young infants are picking up on what the parent is feeling based on what s/he is emitting to them. So if an infant can connect based on feeling and seeing what a parent is expressing through facial motions, imagine what that infant feels from the time it is in the womb to the time it grows into adulthood?

Many of us may already be aware of how natural health techniques like infant massage help preemies develop at a faster rate. This is also a form of heart and soul connectivity that does not often receive the acknowledgement it should. From relaxation, to stress relief, to stimulation and interaction, something as simple as touch aids in baby’s overall growth – both physically and emotionally. Combining the vital ingredients to insure baby’s development as both an adolescent and adult in life is key to promoting a healthy child-parent relationship; as well as setting the child up for success in relationships, career, finances, health and beyond.

Today, there are numerous educational programs that promise to teach your babies and children how to read, complete mathematical problems, dance, paint, or perform athletics…but what many do not teach is how to effectively achieve a level of heart and soul connection that takes your child to higher fields of consciousness…awareness; giving you, the parent the advantage of truly connecting to your child in ways that promote healthy understanding and communication between the two of you, the three of you, or all of you.

Most conscientious parents want the best for their growing infant. How you choose to develop your child’s emotional intelligence is not only one of the dynamics to building your child’s self confidence, but the imperative factor to ensuring your child’s emotional stability in everything that he encounters both now and in the future.

The Baby Whisperer Vol 1: Infant Whispering Learning the Heart and Soul Connection to form Stronger Bonds

By Joan Marie The Baby Whisperer
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