Making the Law of Attraction Work for You, the Column

By Steve Taylor

Welcome to the first installment of my new column, “Making the Law of Attraction Work for You.” Over the next six-weeks, we will explore a real-world strategy to bring the Law of Attraction into our lives as Baby Boomers. This installment will help you understand the essential strategy for making the Law of Attraction work in your life. Let us get started.

What is the Law of Attraction?
By now, most of you have read or heard about the power of the Law of Attraction. Every new-age sage, spiritual book, or life-style magazine has presented a perspective about the Law of Attraction. I have come to understand the Law of Attraction in its simplest state. It is a state-of-mind to achieve greater good in one’s life. Three books helped me gain a solid understanding of this state of mind. They were the 2007 blockbuster best-seller, “The Secret”, the 2008 release of “Three Feet from Gold”, and Napoleon Hill’s 1937 blockbuster, “Think and Grow Rich”. Yes, I said 1937. This is not a new phenomenon-far from it. Hill talked in detail about how some of the most influential men in American history and the 20th century pre-Depression era, used visualization, meditation, determination, intuition and intentionality, to develop massive wealth and influence, that has transcended time, natural disaster, political upheaval and many wars.

How to Get Started
The essential understanding for Baby Boomers to accept is that the Law of Attraction is simply a state-of-mind that allows us to see opportunity that may not have been apparent with our old way of looking at things. It is not, as some new age populists would have us believe, the equivalent of the “three clicks of the shoe and make a wish” popularized in the classic story, The Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy wished her way back to Kansas. Instead, it is a framework for applying positive thinking, a positive outlook about all things, no matter how dire the potential outcome, and a commitment to intentionality. . Keep in mind that this is a lifetime engagement, not a weeklong exercise. But, starting the process of engaging the Law of Attraction, a week at a time, will yield tremendous satisfaction, meaningful and noticeable incremental change, and a new healthier perspective about your life.
Let us start the process with one simple activity that you can implement right away.

A Simple First Step
You need to identify what you want to accomplish by engaging the Law of Attraction. I suspect that like me, some of you may have fallen into a bit of a life-style and relationship rut. Perhaps nothing appears to be satisfying anymore. Let us try to change this outlook by committing to daily quiet time of 10-minutes to visualize, meditate, and engage our senses. A deliberate effort to take quiet time at the beginning and end of each day to visualize the outcomes that you want, will help to build the foundation for a lifelong ability to engage the Law of Attraction. Once comfortable with taking quiet-time you should create a personal “Vision Chart” depicting the wonderful outcomes that you are creating through visualization. Make it big enough and colorful enough to hang on your wall. Include pictures, lists, stories, quotes, captions, and any other visual cue, that will help you gain a deeper appreciation for the outcomes your dreams. Ask your grandchildren or significant other to help you with it but do not solicit their opinion under any circumstances. My Vision Chart is 24 x 36 inches and has a picture of my fantasy house, my two favorite cars with me sitting behind the wheel, a family portrait, a commitment to be a social entrepreneur and a bank statement that shows $5M as the balance. I crossed out the actual $59.95 balance for that month, replacing it with my dream number! Yes, part of this activity is mental manipulation, but if you do not buy into the process, you will find it very difficult to engage the Law of Attraction.
Now, during your daily quite time at home, review your Vision Chart, engage it in your thoughts and dreams.
Next week, we will talk about the importance of maintaining positive energy through your relationships, and how to influence your personal Feng Shui.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Taylor is an author of a 200 page, interactive E-Book titled: When Spirituality Meets Innovation. In addition, Mr. Taylor is a certified high school teacher, certified Nutritional Supplement Counselor through the Holt Institute of Medicine (Dip.DSC) and has a certification from the Marquette School of Professional Development as an Online Content Developer and Instructor. Taylor is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis on health and wellness.