The World Is As We Are!

One of the most significant aspects of life is that our success and happiness in this life is in direct proportion to how happy and successful we are within ourselves.

Those who are more well-adjusted, who are the most creative, energetic, dynamic and beaming full of self-confidence; these are those that are the most successful.

This theme is so popular and more well-understood today, that such modern day success strategies like the "Secret" and the philosophies of the "Law of Attraction" spring from this universal idea and reality.

Today, too, the ancient and most astounding science of astrology is also, echoing this most important of ideas.

What I especially appreciate about astrology's take on this theme is the fact that each person's precise and unique human situation is the most accurately portrayed in the essential details of their astrological charts.

The general premise of astrology has long been, that "The stars and planets surrounding our earth, on the day of our births, describe what kind of person we will be, being born. Also, the exact configuration these planets are in will describe what kind of unique personality we will have and most importantly what unique kinds of human strengths and weaknesses we will have as well."

For over 30 years now, I've been researching astrology and this most fundamental and important ideas.

I have to say, now, that there is no system of self-help that is as profound because inside the details of our individual charts, is an exact description or 'map' as to exactly what we each need, in this life.

Also, the greatest application of this deep knowledge and wisdom is in terms of this area of "self-growth."

Typically, most astrology enthusiasts understand how one's 'chart' describes precisely where one is well-developed and where one is less-developed and in fact, the weakest.

HOWEVER, inside this same understanding is the greatest astrological 'insight' which is how we're each, ideally meant to self-transform.

My own particular contribution in this area is that "The exact planetary configurations that define each person's natural human strengths and weaknesses are also indicative of exactly what NEW Knowledge and Wisdom each person came into this life to discover and master."

I'll give you some examples.

The person who gets born with an important lack of personal self-confidence in their life has this because of the specific negative functioning Sun planet operating within the details of that person's astrological chart.

Those that get born with important emotional or mental problems have these because of a so-called negative functioning Moon configuration found operating within their charts.

The person who has important anger, blame or resentment issues have these negative qualities because of what was happening within their birth Mars planet.

Those that get born with important relationship or heart difficulties have these challenges in their life because of what was happening within their Venus planet!

Those that get born with significant Health issues and challenges have these because of what was going on with their original birth Saturn's.

Those that have spiritual challenges, maybe a lack of spiritual faith or conviction have these spiritual difficulties due to what was happening with their Jupiter's!

Those exact human weaknesses and individual human challenges are all, directly related to the correspondingly Negative, planetary configurations that they were born with.

This is the most fundamental and important of all previous astrological ideas and principles.

However, today it has also been discovered that these same so-called negative planetary configurations which generally are utilized to help the person discover their innate human weaknesses are also, PROFOUNDLY INDICATIVE OF EXACTLY WHAT NEW KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM that they came into this life to find and grow within.

Those same person's charts who got born with important lack of self-confidence issues, also contain the exact new Sun wisdom and knowledge that they can now utilize to strengthen themselves in this way.

Those that got born with important emotional and mental Moon problems also have within them, the exact new, Moon knowledge and wisdom that will allow them to grow in this extremely vital areas from within themselves.

I'll give you even some more detailed examples from 'my' chart.

I got born with a very real and pervasive, emotional shyness and self-conscious personality. As long as I can remember I was born with a fairly unsteady and unstable, emotional center. I'd easily get my feelings hurt growing up and always had lousy intuition as well as a general lack of interior emotional strength!

The very first moment when I came to understand my astrological chart, I saw that exact astrological, Moon configuration that explained why I had these important human weaknesses and difficulties.

My personal Moon was in the so-called dreaded or negative 12th House, only 1 Sign away from my Sun which was in the 11th House, (in other words, born under a very small Moon) and my Moon was with the generally more negative Saturn planet which also brought much anxieties, worries and depression in my early life!

However, from the very moment that I heard that it might be possible to strengthen myself in these important and fundamental astrological planetary ways, I began to practice important techniques of Moon self-development.

Very quickly I found a surprising and unexpected emotional, mental and even intuitive improvement in my life. With every day that I practiced unique Moon techniques of self-growth I found these immediately and profoundly helped my very interior, personal Moon, emotional nature to also improve and self-develop.

Now, having spent over 25 years in this very important self-development aspect of astrology I can honestly say this is of the greatest importance.

One might ask, however, 'why this has not been realized before, pertaining to astrology?' Astrology is after all one of humanities oldest philosophies and knowledge.

There have unfortunately been two essential problems in previous astrology which has kept this most vital aspects of astrology from being better understood.

In the western system for example, that mathematics of astrology had become essentially out of tune with the actual mathematics of the universe and therefore became less capable at reading or diagnosing people's actual or real astrological nature.

I'll give you a quick example of this.
In my western chart for example, I was supposed to have been born with a very positive and well-developed, Saturn, mature, health nature. Saturn is thought to be the most well-developed when in the natural Sign of Libra.

Those individuals who get born under the guise of one such Saturn nature are quite often those born with the most favorable and uplifting Saturn natures.

Those on the other hand who get born under less positive Saturn natures will have many different kinds of Saturn weaknesses including lack of good health, lack of strength of the immune system as well as a lack of general maturity and stability in life.

My Saturn, however was supposed to have been positive.

This was 'not' my natural experience in life. I didn't grow up with a more steady and mature, internal Saturn. Later, when I learned my eastern chart, which is different, 23 degrees different than my western chart, I found how 'that' Saturn description was much more accurate!

I now see that my western chart misled me in terms of one of the most important areas of my self-growth that I needed and yet, my eastern chart, did bring a much greater clarity and appreciation of exactly where I had been born, needing to grow.

Our eastern charts too have suffered under another important astrological problem which has been in the belief of fate or fatalism which disbelieves in the idea or concept of self-development, self-improvement or self-growth!

Fortunately, this eastern system has still maintained quite a bit of precise clarity as to where we're strong and where we're weak.

I thought then, if one could combine the 'best' of both these two, western and eastern systems together, one would in fact, find the most profound and vital of self-development strategies!

And, that has been what has happened now.

For the very first time in much of the recorded history of astrology, astrology is now beginning to become known as the most profound and auspicious of self-growth techniques of knowledge and wisdom.

When 'one' discovers that unique strategy of self-trans-formation that is at the very heart of one's own, most personal and unique astrological chart one will find the most extraordinary and important of wisdoms of human self-growth!


Mark Kincaid

Founder Nature's Astrology - Best of West & East - Uniting

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Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (T.M.) since 1973
Teacher of Ayuveda
Astrologer - Over 30 years experience
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