Aspire credit card are secured cards issued by the Columbus Bank. The card is designed to target individuals with bad credit and those aiming at rebuilding there credit rating.

How to Apply for Aspire Credit Card
Applying for the card is pretty simple process. The applicant’s key demographic and financial information is required and once confirmed the process starts. You can either apply using a hard copy or an online application. To start the application for the card, visit the Aspire website and perform an exhaustive review. Then sort offers by APR, intro APR, annual fee, credit needed and popularity. Apply an applicable filter to narrow the search results. You can also sort by category thus; popular credit cards, reward credit cards, cards for good credit, cards for fair credit, cards for bad credit, secured credit cards, student credit cards, business credit cards, low APR credit cards, prepaid debit cards and gas credit cards. Review the features for each card. Further sort the card by interest rate, yearly fee or any other desired filter. You will be provided with the card APY, credit rating requirement and fee information per offer. Press "Apply" to submit an application. Verify the interest rate and term details. Finally provide your details including name, social security number, date of birth, email address, mother's maiden name, address and employment information. You will receive a confirmation either approving or denying you the credit card.

What are the benefits of the card?
Its very easy to apply for an Aspire credit card, in fact it is said you can get the card within a minute of application whether you qualify for one or not. Other benefits is that you are not required to have any security deposit before hand when applying and still it has low monthly minimum payments. That means you will be able to enjoy low month payments without paying exorbitant fees before hand. The card is also widely accepted world wide where the there is a visa sign. The card also offers other additional features like Internet account access and management, emergency services, such as card replacement, cash replacement, and emergency and travel assistance.

What are the disadvantages of Aspire credit card?
One disadvantage of this card is the high interest rates charged on the card. These include a minimum APR of 20 percent for purchases, and 25 percent for cash advances. They also charge an annual fee that averages a hundred dollars, cash advances are billed an additional five dollar fee, in addition to interest; late fees start at 35 dollars, and are often higher. Despite the interest rates the cards can be useful for helping you establish a credit history and repairing your credit rating.

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