Simply put - a sensual massage is an act which concentrates more on a person's erogenous zones. And the main purpose of it is to relieve stress and boost up their dormant intimacy.

A Unique and Erotic Indulgence!

Furthermore, sensual massages are distinctive because the masseur doesn't aim for helping their client achieve an orgasm. Rather, a sensual massage presents a more personal and relaxing experience into that person's life.

In most cases, such massages are taken up by couples who want to rekindle their novelty in the relationship.

All those males suffering from erectile dysfunction, this delightful form of massage improve their performance capacity and also present them with a greater sense of confidence and comfort.

Explaining How Pros Perform These Sensual Massages:

Professional masseurs perform this erotic act by setting up a room which is warm, aromatic and inviting. To create this mood, these pro masseurs use scented candles as well as aromatic massaging oils and lubricants to make the experience even more pleasurable for the customer.

These sensual massage experts in London ask their clients to face down on the massaging table and start the session by working on their back. By applying a little bit of oil, these pros work on their client's body with gentle strokes to warm up their tissues. They will also work on the knots and remove any blocks or tediousness in the body.

Once the back section is done, the masseur asks their clients to turn around. In doing so, these masseurs will focus on their client's legs and feet and slowly work up their arms. The real fun starts when the masseur works their magic on their client's chest, neck and shoulders.

They usually use smooth, long strokes with occasional teasing. Gradually the strokes strengthen to more stimulating ones. These masseurs; amazingly have total control over their client's body and make the session relaxing so that their clients don't experience an orgasm. They slow down just when needed to prevent their erection and slowly starts to build it up again.

In their language, this is known as peaking, and every time, these masseurs build up the libido but don't quite take their clients to their erogenous extremities.

For more pleasure, these masseurs lean over their client's body and use their own body weight (not muscular pressure) to apply the right amount of pressure. While leaning over their clients, the masseur will use their knuckles and their feet to work on their client's body.

Must Give It a Try:

This form of massage is an adequate sexual healing for men. With the help of stimulating genital strokes, these wonderfully conducted sessions go a long way in improving their performance in bed.

Furthermore, if the client requests for heightened pleasure, then these masseurs use specialised massaging techniques such as:

  • Teaser Glide
    Deep Glide
    Sliding Glide
    Double Slide Glide

Each of these sessions is tailor-made to bring about an earth-shattering orgasm, and in the end, leaving the client with an unforgettable experience.

There are so many agencies which provide quality sensual massages to their clients. Last word of advice would be to invest time in sorting out the right agency before setting up an appointment.

In this way, one can expect to get full value for their money.

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The author is a freelancing blogger who posts blogs and articles about sexual healing for men to inform the readers. With that, the author also has a fair knowledge of top sensual massage experts in London.