The College of Medical Intuition Program is a two-year distance/residential-learning program with a virtual campus located in Vancouver, Canada.

The purpose of such a program is for the establishment of structure and integration of Medical Intuition into our present medical model. It is an alternative approach with many beneficial factors such as identifying originating cause of physical dysfunction and allowing for treatment to be generated from the origins as opposed to only the symptoms. It also is a program that promotes self-empowerment through taking responsibility and ownership of personal wellness. It encompasses preventive approaches through energy awareness and promotes a system designed to not only benefit ones physical condition, but can also contribute toward easing the pressure of our present economical medical system.

Medical Intuition is in the pioneering stages in North America, but forms of energy and intuition are age-old factors that have been used in eastern cultures to promote the healing process. Dr. Parkin advocates a blending of the eastern and western philosophies and feels we have much to learn from both processes. As a Medical Intuitive, she has the ability to tap into emotion that may be held in the body on a subconscious level and can be a contributing factor to health related issues. She is able to perform this with just a name and age of a client and does not require the physical form of the person in order to determine why their body is reacting as it is. The body and mind are a messaging system that needs further understanding. The effect of suppressed emotions within the body is an unrecognized position in the field of traditional medicine. Once blocked emotions are identified and dealt with, the healing process can begin. Intuition is being identified as a tool to access origins of why the body may behave as it does.

• Animal Intuition
• Criminal Investigation Intuition
• Interior Design Through Intuition
• Body Image Intuition
• Corporate Intuition
Sensory Sound System® (Sound Bed)

The “Sensory Sound System” was developed and researched for the purpose of testing vibrational frequency enhancers and their affect on the body. The device transmits frequency sound in the form of a pleasant experience while lying flat on this bed, and having sound frequencies vibrated throughout the body.

The physiological affect has been a profound change in the red blood cells. On observation, through microscopy, the red blood cells alter from an aggregated condition to a healthy state after 60 minutes on the sound bed. The bed has since been redesigned to accomplish this is only 35 minutes.

Research was conducted on a population of clinically depressed individuals. A Profile of Mood State measurement indicated an elevation in mood. The effects of the sound bed have been so positive that further studies and investigation will be conducted to examine potential benefits of health and well being.

The science and psychology behind this device is to create a cataclysmic approach, which creates controlled crises within the energetics of the body. This procedure establishes an opportunity to energetically reconstruct not only our physical and emotional environment, but also our belief systems.

This method used in conjunction with an Intuitive Assessment and followed by forms of regression as a therapy, have had some very profound effects on the body where significant emotional and/or physical healing has taken place.

The bed should also be accompanied with Live Blood Analysis which is a pre and post visual to determine bio-chemical changes in the blood. The treatment is 35 minutes in length where the individual lies prone on the inflated air mattress which has been built into the bed frame and structure. A simple on/off button begins the session. Head phones are placed over the ears to block any auditory sound as it is encouraged to focus on the frequency stimulation from the bed only. Most individuals relax enough to sleep during the session.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Marilyn Parkin has been a practicing Medical Intuitive for many years. She completed her doctoral studies in Energy Medicine in a program designed by Dr. Norm Shealy (author of “The Creation of Health”) and Dr. Caroline Myss (author of “Anatomy of The Spirit”). Her Ph.D. achievement is complemented by her many years in nursing and a degree in Sociology and Psychology. Dr. Parkin also teaches Energy Awareness seminars worldwide and has founded the College of Medical Intuition in Canada, which opened in September 2002.