The art of happiness. Ask people what would make them happy and many would say they are looking for happiness. But what is it and does it vary from person to person? The workaholic might say that it means clinching some big deal. The sex maniac might say it is being invited to an orgy, the art lover might say it is visiting an art gallery, the football fan might say it is scoring a goal. Each of us has a different criteria of things which can bring us contentment but we all strive for it, just that some of us strive for it more than others and try hard to obtain it and others wait and hope it will happen.

You have the fatalists. These are the ones who go to a tarot card reader or psychic and ask them when they will win the lottery or when they will meet a fantastic new man.They think that everything is pre ordained and will happen even if they just sit and wait without lifting a finger. These are also usually the ones who would eventually meet this wonderful man and then behave in a nasty way towards him and lose him, because they think it is all guaranteed and he has no free will. They forget about cause and effect.

People who are more pro active about finding contentment are far more likely to get it. People who are realistic about it are far more likely to get it. A person who is happy to have fifty dollars,a can of beer and their favourite film on television is far more likely to be happy every day than the one who is always wanting more and more.

The first step to happiness is to want things that are easily achieved, or at least fairly easy to make happen. Realistic hopes and goals. The second step is to do what you can to make those things happen. If you want to meet a fantastic man great, but if you just sit at home all of the time he will not come down the chimney. If you want to increase your income then get a better job, study and train and pass examinations and get qualified in things if you cannot do it any other way.

But the best way to enjoy real happiness is to have a few things in your life that bring you a lot of joy. That might be a partner who loves you and is fun to be with, a child, a pet,a nice clean and tidy home, some hobbies,
being reasonably fit and healthy and having some savings. I have lost count of the number of women who have told me that they wish they had savings or whatever, yet have never made any effort to bring in more money and put it by.

Without making a serious effort perhaps it is impossible to get the things that will bring you happiness. And once you have them you also need to work on keeping them. If your main wish was to have a great man getting him may be the easy part, you also have to make him happy so that he wants the relationship to continue. If your main wish is to have a good income and savings great. But then do not suddenly get silly and blow the lot on something so that it all disappears on something you regret.

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