Top of the morning to you! Hi there! Good morning! Morning! These are some of the few ways I greet you online and in person. Sometimes, it’s accompanied with a hug, but always with high energy and a big smile. So, this morning I hope you feel my sheer joy, enthusiasm and thankfulness to you, as I help you start your Monday on a favorable note.

Today, as I awoke, the thunder was rumbling and the lightening commenced; followed by downpours. For sure, I wanted to stay under the covers and listen and lull and just…you know…do all of those things when it rains. Relax and settle in. But, no-can-do! I must overcome this feeling and quickly overcome this feeling. After-all, I truly believe how we act and feel in those first moments of arising will set the tone for the rest of the day. Therefore, time to shift some energy to overcome this relaxed state!

So, today as we greet the second day of spring, let’s overcome. I like definitions, so we’ll start there.
Overcome(r) – Definition – to gain the superiority: WIN, to get the better of

Isn’t that good news? Thanks Merriam-Webster. Now that we know what it means, I want to encourage you to overcome these Monday blues that sometimes try to creep upon us or other “blues” that may try to rear its head today or this week.
1) Recognize the “blue” feeling and change it – this morning, I could have chosen to lie in the bed and feel ‘blah, blue or relaxed’. But, I also know there is lots to do and should I chose to ignore the many action items, later today I would be kicking myself for wasting time. NOPE! We have free will to choose another thought that will render us productive, happy, and active. Freely and intentionally choose the thought or best action that will serve you in a greater capacity.
2) How to change the feeling:
a. Say an affirmation – ex. Today is a great day, even in the rain. The rain allows me to wear my cute rain boots. Thank you for the rain and the stylish wardrobe to accompany this weather.
b. Turn on some “feel good” music that will enhance a happy feeling, thought or act.
c. Stand and give yourself a standing ovation for deciding to rise & shine.
d. Find a scripture – it will remind you that you are not alone and give you strength. (Phil 4:13)
e. Call a friend, family member or colleague for a quick hello and share your affirmation, wishing them well for today
f. Take ten minutes to stretch, have prayer or meditate
g. Exercise (time permitting) – get the endorphins moving with ten sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks – just MOVE!
h. Five finger rule – say aloud five things, events, places or actions you are thankful for, that you experienced over the weekend.
i. Expectations & Intentions - Expect today to be a GREAT day! Intentionally make it a GREAT day!
j. I am an OVERCOMER – repeat aloud ten times.

Go forth and overcome. Have a winning wonderful Monday and feel free to share your feedback on the blog or drop me an email. Oh, and by all means, share this Monday Moment with someone who may be experiencing a “blue Monday”.

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Infectious. Witty. Centered. Creative & Forward thinking – those are just a few words that describe Antoinette Sykes. Also known for her passionate approach to business and life, her professional development and coaching practice now brings you the very best in life-coaching, training, understanding human behavior and how that truly unlocks the human potential. With a deeply rooted awareness, that ‘change is not what happens to you, but rather what happens through you’; consciously she seeks to build upon this foundation that will surely shine light on your next steps to deliberate success. Antoinette is the founder and owner of Standing Tall International where she places excellence on client clarity, accountability, business and personal growth, relentless support and overall satisfaction.

Armed with a B.S. in Psychology, an MBA in Marketing, and a Professional Coaching certification in Subconscious Reconditioning, she set out to change the world of professional and personal training and coaching as it relates to a new psychology, human behavior, mental resilience, and principles for life, leadership and success. Before taking the leap to entrepreneur, Antoinette was in corporate America for eleven years; last serving in a Director’s role for a local Washington, DC non-profit. While becoming an entrepreneur was always a dream, that dream became a full-time reality after a few company- reorganizations took place. This was her chance to ‘Stand Tall’ facing a new truth and she decided to leverage her education, leadership knowledge, business and marketing experience, insightful inspiration and overall business acumen to make her entrepreneurial dreams a reality. She is a first-class business coach, consultant, savvy radio show host, and entrepreneur that has positioned herself as a dynamic business woman, who is committed to living her life on purpose; in both her business and personal life.

Now is the right time to take action and boldly STAND TALL in that new arena that readily awaits you. The good news is that you don’t have to go alone. Antoinette and her team will be with you every step of the way; working alongside to support, encourage and cheer you on! One of her favorite quotes is by Colin Powell - “None of us can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change our tomorrows”. Let’s forge ahead together. Discover your Transitional Quotient ™ and begin to make daring steps towards your future and have fun in the process! Let’s Stand Tall!