To effectively market any product you must first know who your target audience is and just how the product best suits the needs of that audience. Research is necessary to learn just exactly what benefits the majority of those in your demographic are wanting to have.

To know where the people in your demographic come from is essential. Find out as much as you can about those people, because it will help you to know them. What are their likes and dislikes? What age is the typical person and what political and social ties do they have? Are they of an ethnic or religious group?

By getting to know everything you can about them you will come to know them and understand just how the benefits improve their lives. Knowing what problems they are trying to solve will not only give you an idea as to where to find them, but how to attract their attention once you do find them.

Since people buy from those that they know, like and trust you will naturally want to get into their graces. Once you know all you can about them you will need to talk to them with your words and make them see that you are just like them. Never sound like you're selling them something, but sound as if you are giving them advice as a friend. If your words come off as sincere they will listen and respond favorably.

To gain someone's trust generally takes time, but there are instances when you will sell them something right away. The product then needs to deliver what you promise or you will have lost your credibility. Make sure that what you are telling them is the honest truth.

Since you want to cultivate a long lasting relationship with your customers so you get repeat business and referrals make sure that you keep after it. Make your campaign consistent and always give them more than they pay for. In fact when you are communicating with someone give him or her free useful information that they can use.

Tell them what they need to do to solve their problem, but don’t tell them how to do it. Give them enough information so they will come back asking for more. This is how you gain trust and build upon your relationship with them. In this way you will get their trust and they will come to know and like you as well. When this is accomplished you will have a customer and someone that will refer you to others needing to solve the same problem.

Marketing only seems like magic when you don’t know how it works. This is the basic premise that has worked for countless business selling thousands of products. We are all the same in one way and that is that we are looking for a solution. When we are running low on food we go to the grocery store. When the weather is cold we go to a clothing store to get a coat. When we want to be entertained we go see a movie.

No matter what we do we generally go to the same grocery store or clothing store and to the same movie house. We have grown to trust them for whatever reason and that is why we give them our patronage. You can build that same kind of relationship with your customers over time.

Getting your message to them in the first place is the main stumbling block that most face in the beginning. Not only do you need to get your message to them, but it must also attract their attention right off the bat. That is where your research pays off. When you know who they are you know where to find them. Once you find them hit them with the benefit that most of them are looking for in similar products.

If you word it well it will be well received and you will obtained your first objective. Once you have attracted their attention you need to keep it. This is also done with the benefit they are seeking. Show them the benefit. Let them picture it in their mind or at least how their lives will be improved. This is done with descriptive phrases that evoke images in their mind.

For instance if you were selling someone a new car you would want to say something that makes him or her feel the leather upholstery, smell the new car smell, hear the purring of the engine. In other words engage their senses and use their emotions to sell the benefit they will receive.

Marketing is selling. Not only the product, but you or at least your company as well. Successful businesses have been doing it for years. Take Macy’s or JC Penney’s they have lasted because they appeal to a certain select clientele and they have delivered to that clientele over the years. These people trust them to give them quality merchandise at a reasonable price.

So when you are marketing to your customers remember to build value in your product as you go. Again this is done with adjectives that promote images in the mind of the prospect. For instance “When you first saw the Mercedes SL, the deep blue luster of the paint shined like a mirror in the noon day sun.” works much better to produce a picture than “The car was blue.”

Remember what ever you do or say lasts and your prospective customers will remember it. Be honest with your dealings with them. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, but to get sales you have to flower it up and make them take possession in their minds. Do this and you will be successful.

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Randy has been involved in marketing and selling for over thirty years and has learned a great deal about both. He is also an accomplished copywriter with many sales letters and offer pages to his credit. More words of wisdom can be found on his website True Marketing Magic. There you will find many free articles, courses and other information about the fascinating subjects of marketing and selling.