You've already learned a lot about how useful reading books is. Specifically, reading non-fiction will help you enjoy the truth and you might even start marking improvements in your character and behaviour. By reading your way back, do you want to catch up with the universe, but don't have the time to go through pages after pages? The RollingSlate app is with you and got your back. It provides a free service to go through and pick the best for you through all the freshest non-fiction books from well-known national and world-famous authors.


The greatest part? You don't need to take days to go through the entire book because, in the form of Slates, which are there in both readable and listenable form in English and numerous other regional Indian languages, you will be given a very thorough description of every chapter of the book in a central site. These Slates are written in such a way that they delivethe best way for the readers to learn some key skills and knowledge even in the busiest of schedules.


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This app is what you can come across as the best book summary app. The book summaries are framed for the readers in such a way that there is no missing message, feelings or any essence that the writer wanted to convey. Reading the whole book is good for you, but sometimes it's just not practical. Your life's quick pace gets in your way and you start to get too tired to go through pages. Slates, with a rather short reading period, are perfectly rendered descriptive summaries for each chapter of the book. It could sound too nice for such a thing to be free and it is. The main goal of the RollingSlate app is to offer free digital library services to a wide variety of audiences. This ensures that anyone can have access go a portal of knowledge at all times for free and can access it to quench his thirst for knowledge.



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This is a top book summaries app with a database on more than 30+ genres which is updated daily. So, whichever genre you're in the mood to read, chances are that we got it. Science is a key aspect of our lives. If someone wants to ask such questions like why do we need to read or know about science they should ask questions like - How was this planet formed? Why do we live in this particular form that we do? Why is everything interrelated to each other? So, to get answers to all these questions or to get a logical or reasonable explanation to all these things we have read about science because then it makes sense.


Read all about one of the greatest mathematicians' minds


The RollingSlate App has slates for a very famous book called "A beautiful mind". This is the true story of John Nash, the mathematical genius who, when fallen into insanity, was a legend by the age of thirty, and who, thanks to the selflessness of a beautiful woman and the devotion of the mathematics community, emerged to win a Nobel Prize and world-renown after decades of ghostlike life. Sylvia Nasar's award-winning biography is the basis for a major motion picture, a film about the mystery of the human mind, the victory over unimaginable adversity, and the healing power of love.


Several great scientists and thinkers, including René Descartes, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Immanuel Kant, Thorstein Veblen, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, had eccentric and reclusive personalities.


But the mathematician who won the Nobel Prize, John Nash, had a personality that affected his career more than most. In the summary of this book available for free at the RollingSlate App, you can discover different things by exploring a little deeper into John Forbes Nash Jr.'s remarkable story. From a broad and open perspective, you will know about many subjects, such as the popular board game invented by Nash, how not to treat your students and the need to break off a relationship properly.

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