So, what’s it going to be this year? Crowded, noisy restaurant with lousy service? The usually dozen red roses? Jewelry? Card? A lot of whimpering and crying?

Here’s the problem with Valentine’s Day:

It has become the lousiest “Hallmark Holiday” on the calendar. It’s supposed to be a day to express love and appreciation for your partner (or partners?) Instead it has become a day where women expect huge, meaningful messages and often wind up either disappointed or angry because the expression wasn’t “just right”.

Men have become jaded with the day too. For us, it has become yet another stressful, expensive, impossible event that we somehow have to live up to, and God help us if we don’t! Many guys spend the rest of the year trying to make up for their perceived “mistakes” from this day. Worse yet, we rarely benefit ourselves.

Look: I’m not against Valentine’s Day, but I am against what it has become. I’ll bet you are too! (Especially if you’re male!) What if there were a way to make it even MORE special and avoid all the terrible things it has become? Would you be interested?

Well, I have your answer!

The biggest problem with V-Day is that it’s one single day. Thus, flower prices go through the roof. Restaurant reservations book up quickly. Candy stores are jammed. Card shops are picked over.
Stop this madness! There’s a much, much easier way!

What you do is this: celebrate your own “special” V-Day THE DAY OR TWO BEFORE – not the day of!

For instance, if you’re going to send flowers, do it the day (or two) before. If you’re going to go to a restaurant, make reservations before the 14th of February.

There are a bunch of reasons why this is so much better:

1) This makes the day special and unique for just you and your lover.
2) If you have flowers delivered, they will still be on her desk on V-Day, but the entire office will see her getting them before they do.
3) Everything from restaurants to flowers to candy stores are less expensive, better stocked, less expensive and far more likely to deliver. You’d be shocked at how often deliveries are bungled or completely missed on V-Day simply because there are so many others to attend to!

Even better, why not spend the weekend before celebrating by doing things that you and your lover both enjoy? For instance, go for a hike in the morning and come home for some great afternoon loving. Then, take a nice hot bath together before making a fantastic dinner together. Then, top it off with a movie you both want to see and a great bottle of wine.

Then, after having this wonderful celebration (that cost you less than ¼ what you’d likely have spent for just one day) you can exchange texts on V-Day and drive around snickering at all the couples that have to spend their own days together.

Trust me on this: you’ll enjoy it more and remember it every single year.

Best regards...
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