Dear Lord how cute were those toddlers on IDOL in their prom outfits last night. BUT how much cuter is Tim McGraw…and what about that Steven Tyler gettin’ all up in it? But, by far, the most fun I’ve had with ANY show this season (yes harpy housewives….MORE fun than watching you!) was when the boys did their homage to TOM JONES and then he came out on stage looking exactly the same as he did in his white Elvis hip huggers and black blouses a million and three years ago! TOM JONES…OMG I almost peed my blue sailor bell bottom pants with paisley elastic off the shoulder shirt and leather headband! TOM freakin’ JONES. On American Idol. BEST SHOW ALL YEAR!

Anyway, I have to go run to get my Jane Fonda shag freshened so here’s today’s post - haste:

Yesterday we learned how to gather our power or our mana and, now, today, we learn how to direct it. Firstly, you must state your intention or your wish/hope/dream/prayer and you must state it out loud and very clearly. Stand with your feet flat and your arms extended, hands so that they are facing up or like you are receiving and state your intention.

Then, follow yesterday’s suggestions and gather abundant mana.

Now, send this mana to your Higher Self by blowing it, with intention, to that same place.

Your Higher Self will now use this vital force you blew to it to formulate an answer to your intention/prayer. The Higher Self has the ability to change the future and will bring about your desired condition when given that same chance. Rmember that INTENTION and MANA work hand in hand (mano to mano) to produce rewarding results! When the mana charge has been accumulated, hold the desire in your mind so that the Lower Self then connects with or contacts the Higher Self by activating what the Huna call the AKA thread of condition and then you say, “I ask that this condition of (put your prayer here and say your name if the wish if for you or someone else’s if for them) be made into reality in my future.”

A clear path to your Higher Self now enables you to direct the flow of your mana to travel up the aka thread and connect with your superconscious/Higher Self. But you must be the commander or director here and follow each of these steps. Then your prayer will be fulfilled.



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