Taking care of presents from little angels is one of the problems of parents with which you are most easily able to assist your customers. A Nappy disposal system can make the job of being mum or dad so much more pleasant and as a retailer you are perfectly positioned to introduce this idea and spread the word about the advantages of such systems. Use one of the leading models like the Angelcare nappy disposal System to display the pros and cons and help them solve a particular problem they face all day and all night long.

Changing babies’ nappies and getting rid of dirty disposables is a constant concern for all parents of newborns. Since a baby can be in a nappy for approximately the first two years of life, it is not a problem that goes away anytime soon either. As a Baby products distributor, you can bring a solution to this situation for the benefit of everyone involved.

Being a Nappy disposal supplier you can offer your customers a solution which takes care of all the waste. With decisions being made by some local councils that non-recyclable household waste will only be collected twice a month, parents need help with what to do in the interim. Described as discreet, practical, and easy-to-use, the Angelcare system would seem to be the answer. Its nappy disposal bin fits neatly into the nursery or wherever baby nappies are to be changed. The small bin is yet large enough to hold all the dirty nappies produced for up to four days. Thereafter, a single trip to a dustbin outside is all that is required. The bin even appears pleasant enough visually, and contains the smells effectively enough that it can even be kept in view without looking unsightly. Customers will be delighted to discover that it really does work efficiently and reliably.

Setting up the system is simple. Customer support is even available. Using the system is simpler still. Your customers will be pleased to experience that this is one product that certainly lives up to its promises. Keeping their babies’ bedrooms and bathrooms hygienic, fresh and clean, the Angelcare system uses the Push & Lock device to dispose of a nappy. They simply push each dirty nappy through the clamp system and it disappears into the multi-layer bag.

Even changing over cartridges is quick and cost-effective. The cartridges they can buy from you in a handy three-pack, which you can source directly from your own supplier of Baby goods wholesale also help them save money over time as they replace used cartridges.

Providing your customers with solutions to uncomfortable problems comes easily when you can choose user-friendly items like a Nappy disposal system. Wholesale baby items placed in your store are just the answer they need.

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The waste that builds up with every Nappy change & potty training event needs to be taken care of, hygienically, conveniently, and of course, cost-effectively. That is where you as a retailer come in.