There are millions of people all over the world who love wearing yoga jewelry; whether it is tattoos or tees and jewelry that becomes a constant reminder and expression of their devotion to the practice of yoga. Mala beads, which are a strand of 108 beads plus a tassel and a guru bead have been used since time immemorial for prayer and meditation; today they have become the newest trend in jewelry since they are the best form of yoga jewelry that can be worn. Designers of mala beads are making mala necklace and mala bracelets using a combination of gemstones that are packed with potent energy in addition to sacred meanings that should be infused with your practice.

People have all manner of theories in relation to the significance of the 108 beads; this has long been considered a sacred number in the practice of Hinduism. Many people who design and manufacture mala beads believe that the following: the number one actually represents first of all God, the universe as well as an individual’s highest truth; the zero represents the emptiness and humility that one must possess in the practice of yoga; while the number eight represents timelessness and infinity.

The habit of wearing mala beads gives practitioners something of a wearable reminder that constantly helps them to reflect on their journey; this means that in actual sense, mala beads can become whatever the wearer has in mind and their deepest soul intentions. There are mala bead manufacturers who use pearls in addition to other semi-precious stones as a way of empowering the mala necklace with a specific emphasis. This is because pearls are often used to symbolize the grace that we can create; they oyster is believed to be the greatest form of art coming from an irritant. This embodies the decision to love something or someone even when we are almost sure that it will definitely break our hearts; the need to meet challenges of life with compassion is the objective of yoga practice so that life gets a new meaning. With mala beads, you are able to engage energies coming from gemstones and pearl as you mingle them with your dreams, hopes and prayers.

The best way to use yoga jewelry for mantra meditations is a simple exercise; you only need to look for a comfortable spot where you can sit with closed eyes and your spine straight. Begin by taking a few deep breaths so as to center and align yourself with your intentions. If you have a bead, use a mantra to do this practice or chant silently or loudly. Your mala bead should be placed on the right hand and carefully draped between your index and middle fingers. Always begin at the guru bead using your thumb as you count all the smaller beads puling towards you while reciting the mantras; do this 108 times until you come back to the guru bead.

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