There have been many proven studies that show how important it is to eat healthy and use natural aids, such as Wheatgrass Powder to maximize the benefits. Healthy habits should be practiced for people to live longer and feel better. Wheatgrass has been proven to help many people add more nutrients to their diets and it is sold either in powder form, a juice, or in its natural form.

Many people have used this wonder plant since 1930 when an agricultural chemist first fed it to his dying hens. He noticed they got better and started producing more eggs than his healthy hens which made him wonder what it could do for humans. He began experimenting and giving the plant to his neighbors to supplement into their diets and he still used it among his hens to study them further.

Once the chemist started seeing the benefits he was getting from Wheatgrass Powder he started promoting it to fellow chemists and the food industry. Millions of dollars was then invested into the research and development of the powder. The health benefits have been shown to help many people with ailments, such as colon cancer and overall cancer prevention. It has also been shown to help heavy metal detoxification. With the high concentrations of chlorophyll, vitamins, and proteins it has been shown to help any diet that could use a boost. The powder has also been shown to help blood flow, digestion, and detoxification of the blood. There have been studies that have shown patients that had the disease thalassemia were given the powder and needed less transfusions afterwards. Similar studies have been done with sufferers of myelodysplastic syndrome and it was also noted that they needed less transfusions afterwards. Breast cancer patients have also been studied with the effects of the powder and have had wonderful results, such as needing fewer medications for bone-marrow and blood building during chemotherapy.

There are now many drug stores and health food stores that swear by the miracle powder and many people use it. It can be easily taken, either by tablet, added into a shake, or eaten in its raw state. Many people now grow the plant for their own use and the process is quite easy. Once the plant is dried out sufficiently it is made into a powder that can be consumed. If you have considered using Wheatgrass Powder then it’s a very good time to take a look at all the benefits and what it can do for you. The health benefits you start receiving will be duly noted.

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Editor’s Note: Peter Morgan is a health writer for Wheatgrass UK covering information on wheatgrass as well as the benefits of wheatgrass powder.