There are many interesting attractions in Indonesia that we are able to find, for example the various traditions, cultures, the attractive places and many others. It can be from the traditional dance, historical place, traditional shows, the folk tales from many regions in Indonesia, and many other attractions we can get there. One of the great attractions also comes from the fashion style that we are able to get from the heritage of Indonesia, for example the batik. It is one of the popular attractions that we can get from Indonesia. Batik is frequently used by the designers to create the great design and it looks so wonderful. That is the proof that batik is very popular. Batik clothing are made by the traditional process that is called batik that means making dots. It's also characterized by the unique and typical patterns. Actually the various patterns are made because of the assorted regions in Indonesia that have the various cultures and traditions. So, batik from every region has its own characteristics.

We can add batik clothing to our fashion item collection. It's going to be very great because it will be very unique and we can get the different style of fashion. Nowadays, we can find the various types of the batik outfits with the various styles. It will look so stylish and fashionable because nowadays, every people can wear batik for every occasions, including the formal occasion. It can be for the casual occasion, formal occasion, or the semi formal occasions. Of course we will look so trendy and ethnic at the similar time. We just need to be able to select the right materials and the right style of the outfits based on the occasions. We can select the batik silk dress for the formal occasion. While for the semi formal of the casual, we can select the cotton dress, or blouse. It is also can be based on the mix and match that we create. By wearing the cotton dress, we can still use it for the formal occasion by adding some formal complements, like the formal high heels, and clutch bag that can make the whole of our look to be much more elegant.

There are so many types of batik that we can get easily, for example the dress, pants, blouse, shirts, T-shirts, and many others. They all are very fashionable for every kinds of occasions. By the right option, we can get the wonderful look by the use of baju batik (Indonesian) for any events. We also can still wear batik for our holiday by selecting pakaian batik or batik T-shirts that will look so casual but stylish. Batik can be the good deal for every kinds of occasions.

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