Once intended parents or surrogate mothers step into the journey of surrogacy, the first stepping stone for this process is to find a surrogate agency or directly through an independent to match with. There are several advantages and disadvantages when one opts for surrogate agencies. Some will decide for it while others will not but there is really no wrong or right answer here—it all depends on you.
• Surrogate agencies will match both the surrogate mother and the intended parents – The main job for agencies is to match surrogate mothers with intended parents that both can match each of their needs.
• Set appointments – Agencies will assist both parties with all the paperwork, testing, coordinate appointments for procedures and evaluations to make the whole process successful.
• Facilitate compensation discussions – Talking about financial agreements will make both parties uncomfortable so agencies will handle these things.
• Handle escrow – Agencies are a perfect fit for all the monetary transactions of both parties as escrow agents make and handle all payments for the surrogacy.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Surrogacy
A surrogate agency may seemingly be unnecessary for a surrogate arrangement between the surrogate mother and intended parents but can provide an invaluable expertise to guide and support you in the whole process especially in these following areas:
• Provide psychological evaluations and counselling.
• Sorts out legal issues.
• Identify all important details of all arrangements of both parties.
• Handle financial management and all monetary transactions.
• Mediating between both parties as misunderstanding, disagreements and miscommunication may happen in surrogacy agreements. Agencies take all these issues which might be uncomfortable for both parties to talk.
Some disadvantages:
• Agencies are very expensive since they are going to take care all the issues to make the whole process successful.
• Some agencies are biased whether by design or by accident. So it is always to choose a reputable surrogate agency Florida. They can sometimes be sympathetic to a former surrogate mother that have worked for them than the intended parents
• Some policies are set in stone which makes it difficult to negotiate a surrogacy compensation between both parties.
• Advantages Working Through Surrogate Agency Florida
• To become a surrogate mother for another couple is both an act of loving generosity and a serious arrangement for both parties. Nothing in this world can compare any adequate compensation for the mother who will carry the child. The emotional issues that surround the whole process sometimes can cloud the everyday legal and psychological issues that are very critical in this arrangement.
• One of the first decisions to make is to whether to pursue into surrogate agencies or directly through a surrogate mother. When you decide to go directly with a surrogate mother, it will be less costly but involves lots of risks such as financial agreements, legal issues, and other issues that are involved in this agreement and might go wrong.
• When you decide to go for an agency like surrogate agency Florida, it may be very expensive and may require lengthy process but you don’t have to worry about the risks that are involved in surrogacy. They will all take care of the expenses, legal issues and other responsibilities. The lengthy process is to make sure that the whole arrangement is successful.

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