In several industries, sound measurement is part of basic health and safety controls. Employers are required to protect their employees from harm to their health by taking whatever steps are reasonably possible in the workplace to avoid harm. Health and safety legislation covers the protection of employees' hearing. In summary, the responsibility of the employer covers the audit and the establishment of health and safety hazards, it is possible and practical to provide protective equipment, adequate safety training and to replace processes or equipment that present particular risks.

Therefore, in certain industries, companies must assess the noise level to which their workers are exposed to establish whether or not there is a threat of damage to their ears. Such audits should be carried out on a routine basis. Still, many companies will find that they do not use sound measurement equipment often enough to justify the high cost of purchasing such equipment. In these cases, the rental of sound level meters is a possibility.

Sound level meter rental is offered by many of the leading manufacturers of noise monitoring and measurement equipment. It enables companies to take advantage of the latest equipment for short-term use at a fraction of the purchase price of the devices. Because the equipment is contracted, the user does not need to worry about the maintenance, repair and updating of the equipment and does not need to worry about ensuring that the relevant software is up to date.

Contracted sound level meters are also available on short notice, while a purchase may require several days or weeks for delivery. Many sound level meter rental companies can provide a next-day service when the company needs to perform a routine audit or evaluation quickly.

For most companies with only occasional sound measurement needs, renting sound level meters makes much more sense than buying: developments in the field mean that dosimeters and other monitoring equipment are constantly improving and the Equipment can quickly become obsolete, so purchase is only recommended for heavy equipment. team users.

Regardless of whether your company decides to hire or buy a sound level meter, make sure it complies with Health and Safety legislation. If the legislation is not followed, there is a great risk of temporary and permanent deafness for employees in sectors such as manufacturing, construction and mining, as well as the possibility of continuous ringing in the ears, which can be distressing.

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